Sunday, September 27, 2009

Digital Collage - Birthday Girl

This is my attempt in working with some rolled paint backgrounds and the paint bucket on Photo Shop. I have always loved this photographed. The two siblings standing so proud by the door, the little boy with no shoes, and off to the side the neighbor kids watching - hands in mouth. It reminds me of this wonderful photo of my second birthday with the neighbor kids hanging over the fence. The gawk factor. Obviously, this must be a day to remember, the girl seems dressed up compared to the boy. I am thinking it is her birthday. And for one day she gets to be the center of attention.


June said...

Absolutely fantastic work this looks brilliant my friend
Hugs June xxx

Seth said...

This is gorgeous. The colors just sing!!

Bea said...

Love the effect. Love the colors and of COURSE, I love the photo. :)Bea