Monday, December 23, 2013

The First day of Winter...

The first day of winter was really something. Here in the mountains we got several inches of rain. It poured cats and dogs yesterday. Thank goodness it was not snow. I love snow, but I still have lots of things to do and snow tends to slow things down a bit. For those who got snow and ice - be safe. Ice can be very dangerous!!! Hope everyone has fun doing those last minute holiday things.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Family Freebies for You,,,

Mommy and Daddy with children All of the children have Daddy's eyes.

Looks like they had a little boy later in their marriage. Surprise! The joys of life.

Older man and a younger woman? Cute kids. Love the checkered dresses.

Daddy raising the kids.

One of each!

Dad with the girls, the books, the parasol,
the hats,the dog...

Mother left to bring up the children...

Sisters helping each other.

With all the kids...

Grandparents left to raise the child.

This is the season we spend a lot of time thinking about and being with our families. I thought these photographs of different families might strike a chord with you. 

Families come in different sizes with different types of people. They say you can not pick your family. Well, after many years I have decided that it is about taking care and loving your family. Accepting who they are and loving them because of or in spite of. Building on that.

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families. Build incredible, lasting memories. Stop and savor the moment. Enjoy it all.

Digital Photograph - The Old Farmhouse

The Old Farmhouse

As we run around shopping, visiting family, and going to those Christmas parties and open houses let us stop for a minute and remember all of those who have served so that we might have the freedom to do all of this.

Please, remember that so many of our men and women are still overseas fighting for our freedom. Their families are here waiting for them to come home. Many have lost family members. Please, remember them, their sacrifice, their courage. Thank them for our freedom!

Four Letter Words - Noel

Digital Photograph - The Ridge - Two Perspectives

The Ridge

Quote Book #15 - Christmas

Vintage Christmas Tree Cards...

Love the tradition behind this card.

My next door neighbors always had a white glittery tree.

Love this one.

So Pink!

This reminds me of the trees of my childhood.

Mid Century Modern.

So happy. Clever.

This is fun.

This looks hand printed. I like this one a lot.

Very contemporary. Love this one.

The past couple of years I have been picking up old Christmas cards. As I unpacked them this year I realized that I had quite a collection of just Christmas trees. I started looking everywhere and found all sorts of vintage images of trees.

They are such a symbol of Christmas. Where do you put all the presents if you do not have a tree? I love a Christmas tree. I do not think I have ever seen an ugly one, ever. They all are beautiful, no matter how humbly they are decorated.

I hope you are all done with shopping and are sitting around with some eggnog admiring your tree. I still have much to do, but am enjoying doing it. Merry Christmas to all.

Digital Photograph - Master Lock

Master Lock

Sorry to have been gone for so long. I have really been having a thoughtful time. The fall was beautiful, lot's of visitors and traveling. Thanksgiving was spent with my 
boys and their "others". We are expecting a new addition 
to the family in March. A boy. So exciting. A broken toe that hurt like mad. Lots of reading and journaling. I have been out taking pictures, adjusting to winter in the mountains. Short days. Cold nights. Cooking chili, stew, and soups. I have missed you all, but needed this time to nourish myself. Lots of new ideas for the new year...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Fairy Freebies...



A bumble bee fairy!

A god mother fairy!
Butterfly fairies!

A magical fairy!

A star fairy!

A cute little fairy!

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe evening. Thought I would share a few fairies with you. I love all of these costumes. They are so clever. What are you dressing up as tonight?

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall - Digital Photograph

Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall

Isn't this beautiful? My world has been full of Orange, Red, and Brown. It has been a glorious month. My sister 
was here for a bit, we packed in a lot of wonderful things, then my cousin was here. I have been busy. Apple picking, boiling peanuts, many trips to the farmer's market. More trips to the cider mill for cider and donuts. Apples everywhere. Lots of photograph's to share in the next few days. Now to celebrate Halloween. 

A Merry Halloween!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Digitally Altered Photograph - A Walk in the Woods

I am trying to get up early before the mist has burned off every morning. A walk in the woods or by the lake have been inspiring my day. My sister is here for a long weekend. We are exploring. Hope you all have a great weekend. Do something new!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Freebies - Boys

A boy and his dog.
This is one serious kid.
Adorable! He looks like a dreamer.
Love the curls. 
He is a looker. The trike is all wood!
All dressed up in his sailor suit!
Love his outfit and his little dog toy.

I am missing my boys today. I thought I would share some of these old cabinet cards of little boys. These boys are obviously loved. Their clothes are fantastic. Their hair is a bit over the top. The long curls and the waves. I can not imagine any of my guys sitting still for that. It is fun though to see them though. So much personality already.
Nothing is more fun than watching them discover the world. Hug your little ones today! They grow up way too fast!

Digital Photograph - The Rusty Roof Barn

Rusty Roof Barn

Digital Photograph - Sign

I have not done a sign in a long while. I found this gem in South Carolina on the way home late one afternoon. I think it about says it all.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Angel - Digital Photograph


The Cemetery...Digital Photograph

Magnolia Green Cemetery

I have spent a lot of time in cemeteries the past few months. Visiting my dad, traveling through the South. I am always amazed at how different yet the same each one is.

Back in the day, families would visit the cemetery after church on Sunday. They would share a light meal, the children would play, the adults would tend to the graves of their ancestors. Mow the grass, plant flowers, neaten things up a bit. Stories would be told during the meal. This was a way to pass down through the generations the family's past, and ensure that the graves would be maintained. 

I still see many families who go to the cemeteries passing on tradition today. When I lived in Wilmington N.C. there was a woman and her granddaughter who visited one of the cemeteries there every week. I would see the grandmother stopping at different graves telling their stories and leaving a flower or a note. Sometimes the granddaughter would have a little something or a picture that she would leave. It would warm my heart to see these two making their rounds.

Now we have caretakers to keep the cemeteries mowed and neat. Families live far and wide. Lives are busy. It is sad. It is just the way it is. I still enjoy visiting. I still try to honor those graves I see. I am always amazed by some of the angels or headstones I find. I always remember that once they all had lives and people who loved them...

Cemetery Finds...Digital Photographs

One of the most unusual headstones I have seen.

Close up of the babies face.

The setting is like out of a movie with the swamp behind it.

Here in the South we know how to honor the dead. Whether it be a small country graveyard, a private cemetery, or a big city cemetery. Our dead are sacred.

I developed a love of cemeteries in high school. I dated a boy who lived next door to one. We would often hang out there as teenagers do like to "hang out". This particular cemetery had Anne Morrow buried in it. Her story was so sad[she was Charles Lindbergh's wife and her son was kidnapped and killed]. My boyfriend gave me a book of her poems and I would sit in the cemetery and read them. Oh, to be young and innocent.

Once I was done reading the poems I actually looked around and realized there were a lot of different headstones. Some were shaped like trees, some had little lambs on them, others were obelisk shaped, or had different things carve on them. I had to know what they meant. So, a life long interest was started. You can tell a lot about a community by their cemeteries.

This incredible monument to a lost daughter can be found in Magnolia Green Cemetery in Charleston South Carolina. They have a beautiful cemetery with old Magnolias and Oaks dripping in Spanish Moss. Quite the mood setter. I have never seen so many unusual gravestones, headstones, monuments to the dead. Each one trying to over power the next.

I really enjoyed this cemetery. I hope to go back and take more pictures. Until then I leave you with these photographs.