Friday, September 26, 2008

Antique Color Wheel Images

Every artist who uses colors at some time or another has used a color wheel. It is one of the first things they make you make in any principles of art class. One of my sons is taking such a class and this week made a color wheel. That of course lead him to the internet to do some "research". He found some of these and I went further and found some more. All of these are copyright free and use them as you want. This is a web site that you can down load a bunch of different types of color wheel's to keep handy in your studio from Tigercolor. Enjoy!

This is Boutet's color wheel from 1708.This is Moses Harris's color wheel from 1766.This is Ignaz Schiffermuller's color wheel 1775.This is Goethe's color wheel from 1810.
This is Wilhelm von Bezold's ferbentafel from 1874.
This is the Colorist's from 1908.


Anonymous said...


So nice to see a new post and what a nice one. I hope you don't mind if I download these for my own use.

Hope the foot is doing fine and that you are not overdoing it.


carole brungar said...

OMG! I hope you are recovering ok! I haven't visited for a while and you're off breaking things! I'm pleased you managed to shave your legs! I mean you obviously have your priorities right! LOL! (and you never know if you're gonna get a doctor that is George Clooney's brother!!
Now - Take things easy!!
Carole ;)

Barbara said...

love the color wheels!!! they could make a book all their own! hmmm...and i'm doing my vintage babies in a rainbow of color!!! THESE WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION!!!


Anonymous said...

My blogfriend ~ peanutbuttertoes, turned me on to your blog. I thought... sure, a friend recommends it. I will check it out. I got a bit of creativeness in me. I like art. I am from NC. Why not? I totally love your sidebar. I love the pictures, the quotes, the tips, the recipes, the family journal pics. Keep it up. If you are ever out Four Oaks way... look me up! Have a great weekend!

Bria said...

1st time visitor! it's funny how although time has transcended the color wheel is still the same. The color wheel is also important in Cosmetology as it helped us to know how to mix certain colors and what the end result would be.

Brenda said...

Those are beautiful works of art in themselves!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your foot ~ OUCH!
These images are so cool, thanks so much for sharing them!