Friday, February 22, 2013

Freebies - Kids with Pets...

Polly wants a cracker!

I love everything about this picture.

There is a quiet stillness about the two that seems right.

I do not even want to think about getting everyone on their leash, much less keeping them all untangled.

What a beauty!
Love the fox. I was blessed to have a pair who lived in my back yard at the beach. They were very loving to each other and their kits. It was so much fun to watch them head out every night to hunt. 
I bet these two had a lot of fun together.

Oh to have a Zebra... a childhood dream.

Today in honor of Mr. Smudge I thought I would do kids with pets as my freebie. I have had a lot of different pets both as a child growing up and as an adult. Each one has taught me something new about them and myself. I think they help make a home a home. So. I hope you enjoy these and please take a moment to pet, stroke, love your pet today.

Mr. Smudge...8/15/2003 to 2/18/2013

Mr. Smudge
I woke up Sunday to find Mr. Smudge bleeding from his right eye and I had a huge swollen jaw. The tumor in his nasal cavity which had caused tremendous swelling closing his right eye had again grown and was pushing against his eye and other places. Mr. Smudge was in stage 4 of Feline Nasal Lymphoma. Facial distortion and deformity. Let's just say it was not a pretty sight. Most important was that it was causing him discomfort and pain. Although he was still loving and gentle. Seeking love and attention I could tell all was not well. I called and left a message for the vets and decided just to love him to pieces on Sunday. Knowing tough decisions were in order.

My jaw was killing me and I started looking for a dentist or Oral surgeon here. Made several calls all of them telling me to go to the E.R. not till Smudge was seen. I kept wondering how Mr. Smudge could stand having his eye area so swollen. Did it hurt like my jaw?

Early Monday morning I got a call from the vets. Could I bring him in and the vet would check him out in between surgeries that morning. No problem. In Mr. Smudge went and off I went to the E.R. Both of us in pain.

At the E.R. they gave me the name of an oral surgeon checked my breathing and tried to decide what to do. I called the Oral Surgeon who could see me immediately and scooted across the road to his office.
Ugh an infected tooth and it had caused an abscess in my jaw. Due to my beautiful titanium hip I need antibiotics before any tooth work, this meant some serious stuff. Off to get a prescription filled. I have to take antibiotics for a few days before anything can be done.

The vet calls just about this time and tells me Mr. Smudge is not doing to well. The tumor is growing and starting to push his other eye the other way. This is bad. I decide the poor thing deserves better. I make an appointment to end his misery for later that afternoon. Can I come in earlier and just hang out with him. Please. Of course.

Home to take the first round of antibiotics, lay down for an hour, then gather Mr. Smudge's towel, and a box of kleenex, also his steroids they have been giving him to reduce the swelling. Some other poor soul may be able to use them.

Off to the vets to say goodbye to my big boy. When I get to the vets everyone is so nice. Mr. Smudge is sitting in the middle of their back room enjoying the attention and love they are bestowing on him. They move us to a back room so we can say our goodbyes. I think he knows as he licks my hand and rubs against me. I remember the day he was born in my closet. What a joyful and miracle filled day that was. The time comes and there is no more to say except I love you. Thank you for your love. He is gone. No more silent suffering.
I go home and cry - I am a puddle.

Several days later I have my surgery. The infection is clearing up. My jaw is looking better. I am missing my kitty. Usually he would be comforting me. I wonder how much pain he must have been in. Did I wait too long? Less than a month since his diagnosis and he is gone.

I believe we have a responsibility to these animals we are guardians of. Not to let them suffer, to give them the best care we can, and most important to love them. I think I have done all of those things. Yet, the loss is still there. The missing is hard...the tears are still flowing. He is still gone.

Quote Book #4 - Pain

Digital Photograph - A Cupola with Weather Vane

A Cupola with weather vane
I found this gem on one of my "get off the highway" sorties. I fell in love with this cupola and weather vane. The green of the cupola and the detail work is just beautiful. The cow on the weather vane just sealed the deal. 
I guess it is a reminder that you never know which way the wind may turn. Possibilities.

Four Letter Words - Pain

A Couple of Textures for you...

Here are a couple of textures for you. I had to share these. I love the little animal prints on them. I took these from some photographs I took of a dumpster at this little convenience store out in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. I figure some possum or raccoon made regular trips to the store also.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Digital Photograph - The Fence Line

The Fence Line
I find fence lines almost as fascinating as
doors and even gates. They are a way of keeping people and animals out. Fences and gates you can usually see through to the other side. They are physical and mental barriers. They announce to the world "stay out". Maybe that is why I am always trying to see beyond them, go beyond them. 
This fence line I found in Virginia. It was along a farm that someone had started to restore. It was as if they had just set their hammers down and gone in to have a mid-day meal. 

Digital Photograph - Chocolate Cake

Thought I would shared the Chocolate Cake I have been lusting for since I ate it last week. I am happy to say that I have fulfilled my craving. Yes, it was as good the second time around.
I guess you know what I will be doing this weekend - working off the chocolate. I must say that I really enjoy working it off. Just being able to get out there and enjoy the day makes it seem so much more than work.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with Chocolate, flowers, gifts, and most important - that it is a day you get to share with those you love and that love you.

Roses for You - Digital Photograph

Some beautiful roses for you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Second Batch of Freebies - Couples

Notice his white forehead. He took his hat off for this picture. She is very pretty!

I met and married the father of my boys in Ann Arbor Michigan. This one struck a chord.

He is dressed up so fancy for her. I love the tie and watch chain.

He is so relaxed. I bet they dance well together. I can see them laughing.
This is unusual in that she is sitting and he is standing. Usually the woman is standing.

This week I thought I would do two rounds of Freebies. I love the them of couples. I always wonder what attracted this couple to each other. Some seem so bored. Others tense. Rarely do you see two happy people in these types of photos. I hope away from the camera they found some joy together.

Digital Photograph - A Red Barn

A Red Barn

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Week's Freebies - Couples

I like the chair he is sitting in
and the way she is holding his hat.

Here is the same chair.
Look at those white socks!

I believe this was taken around
the first World War.

They both have those scary blue eyes.

They look so young!

Here are a few couple photographs for you. Since we are celebrating Valentine's Day this week they seemed appropriate. Hope everyone gets to spend Valentine's Day with someone they care about. I plan on eating a lot of Chocolate and enjoying the day.

Digital Photograph - Locked Up or Locked Out

Locked Up or Locked out

Quote Book #3 -

Digital Photograph - One Door...

One door closes ... One door opens...

Four Letter Words - Past

Digital Photograph - A Stream

A Stream

My road trip with my cousin through the
Shenandoah Valley to Washington D.C. was
really fun. We started out on a warm day
and saw lots of snow and beautiful scenery.
Our visit with my Mother, brother, and
nephews was really nice. We visited, I got
my hair cut by my favorite hairdresser/Noi,
we cooked lots of good food, and 
generally did the girl's week thing.
Unfortunately, coming home was not so much
fun. My poor Smudge was still sick after
spending a week or so at the vets. He had
developed a lump over his eye. 

Time for a different vet. So almost two weeks after being diagnosed with a cold. Smudge had to have surgery, a biopsy, and fluid drained from the large bump.

Long story short he has lymphoma of the nasal and sinus cavity. We have brought him home. He looks pitiful. Thank goodness he has know idea what is going on. He is on steroids to get the lump from getting bigger and to deal with the swelling. Our fat boy has limited time with us.
His Mom/Miss Kitty and I have been crying and wailing in our own way. She knows something is not right. I am dealing with the knowledge of how sick he is. Trying to make everyone as comfortable as I can.

Adjustments are being made. Love is being handed out in large amounts. Tears are still being shed. So, this is why I have not posted in awhile. I have been dealing with things life hands out. I keep telling myself that Smudge has only known love. That something good has to come out of all of this. Right?