Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween to All!

I totally forgot about Halloween the
past couple of days. I hope everyone
has a fun and safe holiday with lots
of candy and good things to eat!

Digital Photograph - The Red Roof Barn

Some Local Grafitti - Digital Photographs



Isn't this great? Someone took
a lot of time to paint this wall.
I was looking for a short cut when
running all those "before the storm"
errands. This was my reward. 
I just fell in love with this wall.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Before the Storm...Digital Photographs

The Road to Tennessee


Here are a few shots I took late
Sunday afternoon looking toward
Tennessee. I am very close to the
Tennessee/North Carolina border.
You can see the swirling clouds.
Soon warm air is going to be touching
Arctic air. Lots of snow in the
higher elevations are expected.
One of my boys who lives closer
to the Eastern Continental Divide
is expecting a foot or more.

Hurricane Sandy is one of the
reasons I left the beach after ten
beautiful years. I just could not
face the destruction and the impacts
associated with these storms.
After living almost a lifetime of
watching them come by up close and
personal I decided no more. I do
understand that snowstorms can be
dangerous. However, with a little 
planning you can get through them
pretty unscathed. There is no
running from Mother Nature.
I guess it is a little like
picking your poison - earthquakes?
tornadoes? snow storms? hurricanes?
I chose snow!

Digital Photographs - Birdhouses

On Sunday I went to lunch with a
friend and then we did the local
Art Safari tour. It was cool, brisk,
and at times rainy. We were given
a map with the various artist's
studios and homes on it. Off we
went to discover all sorts of new
places, new artists, and just to
enjoy the day.  Along the way
I spotted a lot of bird houses.
I really enjoyed what each artist
had as visual treats before
we even got to the door. So much
creativity. Here is a sampling
of some of the bird adobes
we ran across. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Digital Photographs - The Red Barn - Worn

Timeless Photographs

I found these old photographs today.
I love how these women are showing
off their cornstalks, their flowers,their
beautiful yards. I love the one of
the women reading the book to her
child surrounded by her lovely yard.
I have these same pictures in my
photograph albums. Me with my garden or
a particularly gorgeous flower bed,
or me with one or more of my boys.
Enjoying the day in our yard.
These types of photographs are

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Digital Photograph - Gray Barn

Gray Barn

Took off early this morning to take
pictures. It is suppose to rain the
next couple of days. Thought I would
enjoy the last of the sunshine.
Hope you have time today to enjoy
the little things in your day.

Digital Photograph - Cornfield


I love the weekends. They are comforting.
An excuse to do nothing or everything.
Today started out all bright and
shiny. Then the clouds arrived.
Even here in the mountains we can feel
the arrival of the first bands of
Hurricane Sandy. Hold on to your hats
this one could be rough East Coast.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Digital Photograph - The Green Door

The green door

Traveling the back roads I ran across
this old store. Remember when
people would  use the neighborhood
store instead of the big box stores?
Here you could find a little bit of
everything. Local produce, fresh meat
from local farms, nails, shovels, ice
cream, you name it they had it.
I remembering visiting my grandmother.
She would often send me off to get
something or another she needed.
I was allowed to get a fresh ice cold
Coca Cola in a bottle and a pack
of salty peanuts to put in my coke.
That was the best thing I have ever
tasted. What memories this old
place brought back to me. I wonder
how many memories those old green
doors have...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Freebies - Birds

Some beautiful birds for you. I have
been setting up my new home when
I have been here. Still unpacking,
organizing,sorting, and getting rid of
things. It is amazing how much I
no longer need or want. The things
that seem important are the things
I have had for a long time. I am
going to have to get an Etsy or Ebay
store to get rid of all the
old treasures. I have tried giving
them to my boys but they like
an uncluttered life.
Sorry I have been missing in
action for so long. I have really
missed all of you. I am just trying to
get all of this move stuff out of the
way. Downsizing is hard!

Digital Photograph - Metal Silo

Loved this old grey barn with it's
rusted silo. Found this beauty in
Virginia late this summer. Enjoy!   

Digital Photographs - A Yarn Bombing

 Outside the Library

Bench with yarn


I went to the Library the other day and
the outside of it had been yarn bombed.
Also, the few stores and resturant
next door had also been bombed with
yarn. It was a lot of fun to see what
they had done. I particularly liked
the library. The librarians were
not sure what to make of it. I liked
the way they covered the bench
and the teddy with the book.
At the pizza resturant they had made
yarn tomatoes and hung them from
the outside railings. Very imaginative.

Digital Photograph - Wild Flowers


Found these wildflowers up in the
mountains. They remind me of
messy daisies. So much of my life
is messy right now that they seemed
right. Hope you are having a
wonderful Monday!

Digital Photograph - Tomatoes

The last of my tomatoes

These are the last of my tomatoes. I was
able to enjoy them all summer long. I
harvested them by the handfuls several
times a week. Enough to enjoy fresh
tomatoes every day. I will definitely
do this again next summer. I was
surprised by how easy and inexpensive
it all was. If I had thought ahead of
time I could have brought at least one
container inside and probably had
tomatoes through part of the fall
and winter. Next year...

Quote #23 -

Digital Photograph -

An old fence

Late summer and early fall found
me running up and down the Shenandoah
Valley to Washington D.C. visiting
family and enjoying their company.
We are still exploring those "first's"
without Daddy.  We all miss him
terribly. Yet, I like to think that
he is always close by enjoying us
girls cooking in the kitchen,
driving with me as I am awed by
all the beautiful fall colors,
watching all his grandsons grow
into such interesting men.
No one told us it would be so
hard to lose this fixture in our lives.
So, we have good days and bad days.
Always remembering how lucky
we are.

Four Letter Words - Fate

Digital Photograph - A Nest

A Nest

I found this little nest in one
of my plants. I had wondered why
it was not growing as well as some
of the other potted plants around it.
I went to water it and there was
this sweet little home.
I watched it carefully and soon
eggs appeared. Then little baby
wrens. One day they were gone.
All grown up.
My first nest, my first set of
baby birds in my new home. I
decided to keep the nest.
So, this weekend I gently pulled
it out of the potted plant.
The nest was made so carefully.
The mama had even used a plastic
bag and some fur to line her nest.
I too am carefully setting up
my nest.