Friday, August 31, 2012

Freebies - Currier & Ives Beauties

Eliza Jane

Thought I would do something
frivolous this week for my
freebies. I have a fondness for
Currier & Ives prints.
All of these were done before
1847. They give you the
idea of what was in fashion
and what was considered
beautiful then. I am so
glad we do not have to
wear our hair like that
any more. However, I do enjoy
putting my hair up in a bun.
I also would not mind some of
the jewelry they wore back then.
Just saying...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to the Family - Stella Rose

new pup

I would like to introduce you to the new
pup - Stella Rose. She is a 10 week
old Australian Shephard. My son and
his girlfriend got her about two weeks
ago. I went up last weekend bearing
gifts - dog crate, honey, and
apple butter - to meet her. She is
adorable. So smart. She can sit and shake all ready.We took her to the park to
swim and run off some energy.

fearless swimmer

This is her fifth or sixth time swimming.
She is very good. There were several
larger dogs there fetching and swimming
Stella caught on real quick.

taking a break with my friend Austin

Sometimes it is nice to just sit and
watch. Soak up a few rays and enjoy the
perfect day. In a few months we will
be wishing for days like this.

great day at Trout Lake

Digital Photograph - Effects of Acid Rain on the Forests

Trees dying from acid rain

Last weekend I spent some time up
around the Eastern Continental
divide. It is beautiful up there
in the mountains. I was fairly
upset though when I started to see
all of the effects of acid rain on
our forests. Big huge trees dying
or dead. This is a direct gift from
our neighbors from the North.
Power plants and factories
spewing forth their wastes.
This year I have noticed it
more than others. It makes me weep.

Digital Photograph - Tree


Digital Photograph - First Signs of Fall

Trees starting to turn

I spotted these trees starting to turn
colors along a pond up in the mountains
this weekend. Look at all the dead trees
along the shore. Most of this is caused by
acid rain. Out forests here in North Carolina are really taking a beating.
 I think we need international
standards for monitoring power stations, factories, mines and refineries.
We need to protect our planet.
Clean air and water are essential.
We need these trees to help cool
the planet. They provide food,
shelter and homes
for many birds an animals.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Digital Photograph - Coneflower


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Digital Photograph - The Mountains

The Mountains this Morning

Digital Photograph - North Carolina Red Barn

Red Barn In North Carolina

Spotted this barn not too far from my house.
It was a dreadfully hot day. You could
feel the heat when you moved. One of
those days that takes your breath away
when you walk outside.
It reminded me of barns I use to
draw when I was a kid. The windows
all different sizes...

Digital Photograph - Look Closer at that North Carolina Red Barn

A Furry Watchguard
When I first spotted this barn I thought "Oh nice barn." I got out and did my thing taking pictures. Then I noticed that there was something in the doorway. Zooming in - looking closer - I found this guy. Seating in the doorway enjoying a bit of a breeze, king of all he surveys, watchguarding his home. Sometimes it is good to look a little closer at things.

Digital Photographs - Local Grafitti

This is happy Grafitti
Love the bike and bright colors
Like the bike

I am trying to get out and take some
pictures every week. I like to get up
really early before everyone starts
their day. The mountains have this
mist over them moving about. It
makes everything feel mysterious
and clean in a strange way. I
found these on the West side of
town near a bridge and railway
tressel. I like the happy colors
and the bike them they have going
for them. It looks like a place kids
would hang out on hot summer nights.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Summer Freebies - Sisters


My favorites

They look so much alike.
They are so sweet!
It has been awhile I know. This summer has been crazy busy. My sister moved from Colorado to Tennessee the past few weeks. So in her honor I thought we would do sisters. I drove over to see her and drop number 4 son off to help her do a little painting, unpacking, and put together things for her. A little aunt and nephew bonding time. I took advantage of the trip and took a lot of pictures on the way home. Hope you enjoy these!

Digital Photograph - Tennessee Barn

A Tennessee Red Barn

Spotted this scene outside of Nashville
on the way home from my sisters. I love
how they paint their barn doors white.
Just fell in love with the whole scene.

Digital Photograph - A Tennessee Creek

A Tennessee Creek

Tennessee is such a pretty state.
All sorts of things to see and do.
I have spent most of August helping
people move stuff - two of my boys
and my sister. I have also been
getting rid of a lot of my extra
"stuff". The little break to my
sisters was just what I needed. I
miss the road. Although it feels
so good to be nesting.

Digital Photograph - Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire

Stopping at a light in a small town in
Tennessee at the end of the day. I
looked up and low and behold saw
this flock of Starlings coming in to
roost at the four corners of this
intersection. What a sight!
I immediately pulled in to the corner
gas station and began to take pictures.
It was amazing. Of course everyone at
the light wondered what I was doing.
They began to honk their horns. The
birds would take off and fly back.
It was like a mini ballet. 
Truly amazing. I then realized that
this was a sign that fall was about to
begin. Summer was ending. Beginnings
are nice...

Digital Photograph - Curing Tobacco

Curing Tobacco

Thought I would share one of the sights you see all around the South. Curing tobacco in the barn. The barns are tall and narrow.
The tobacco leaves are wrapped on sticks
so that the leaf hangs down. There are
several leaves on a stick. The sticks
are then places in slots along the
inside of the barn or on a contraption
that looks like scaffolding. 
This farmer is fire curing his crop. 
The barn is wrapped in plastic to keep
the heat in and cure the tobacco. There
is a fire box or stove in the barn. It
can take from three days to several
weeks to cure the crop. You can see the
smoke and steam coming out of the top
of the barn. This method of curing
gives you low sugar and high nicotine.
This tobacco is used mainly for pipe
smoking, chewing tobacco and snuff.
These barns and the ritual of curing
your own are slowly falling away. I
find it all rather sad.

Quote #22 - Moving...

Four Letter Words - Move