Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Moo's

These are some Moo cards I made out of the same sheet of watercolor paper as the skinnies. I have been slowly working on some new designs for some cards. Cutting out small images and things that catch my eye is something I can do with my foot elevated.

Definition of a Moo card - a moo is a smaller version of a business card. They are 1 1/8" by 2 3/4". An artist, writer, poet, photographer, fisherman, Indian chief, so on and so on can display some of their art on their card. The back side is reserved for the artists data, etc... These cards are traded, given out,etc..


Gayle Page-Robak said...

Beautiful Moos!

bockel24 said...

Love your moos, Elizabeth, especially those in the upper row.

Marilyn said...

I totally love the female face. Did you draw it?

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Cool moo cards! I tagged you on my blog to tell 7 random things about yourself!

Janny said...

Beaituful moo's and skinny's!