Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rulers Rule!

Front of rulers

Back of rulers

I have been knee deep in art supplies since Saturday. I have been sorting and going through everything in my studio. Aghhh not an easy job. Although it was a good time to do it, the weather here has been rainy.

Every morning before the rain comes I have been working along side my yard guys in the back. Cleaning yard furniture, pots, statuary, etc... while they trim, cut and put down the new pine straw. Spring will be here soon.

The rest of the time till late into the night I have been in my studio. I haven't done much art just a lot of cleaning. I am starting to pack up my studio in anticipation of selling my house. Dreaming of the new studio I will have. Do you have any idea how many pens I have? Do you have any idea how many dried up pens I have thrown away? Boggling... and paper, don't even get me started.

I did find these small rulers and thought they would be fun to play with as borders. I have scanned them and thought I would share them with you. Hope you can find a use for them in your art. I know I will be using them soon.


Heavens2Betsy said...

These are fabulous Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing them. Good luck with the packing - sounds like a mammoth task.

Kate said...

I can so sympathise with you; I moved three weeks ago and my art 'stuff' is the last to be unpacked. I have major withdrawl symptoms!!! But this weekend my studio will be set up - oh I can't wait.
Thank you for taking the time to so your wonderful scanned sheets for us, it is much appreciated.
Kate in UK

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Thank you... I took the Rulers with me....

looks great!
I wish spring will come soon.... it´s so fantastic to feel the sun again ....after this long wintertime !
xxx Susi

Diane said...

Yes, I do have an idea of how much stuff you have that you didn't even know that you had and were debating to throw it out or save it, because you never know--oh wait, I'm starting to talk about myself, and thanks for the rulers!!

Nancy said...

These are fun to see. Reminds me of the country fairs when exhibitors and vendors handed them out as promotional items. Good luck with reorganizing..all of our "stuff" sure can be overwhelming.

peggy gatto said...

Would make great prints for your new studio!!!

Terri Kahrs said...

These little bits of the past are just wonderful! Thanks, Elizabeth! I can see them incorporated in some of my work "as we speak". Oh, My! I don't envy your having to clean, tidy and pack your studio. I'm sending "good vibes" so it all goes smoothly for you. Hugs, Terri xoxo