Friday, July 18, 2014

Morning in the Mountains...

Morning in the Mountains

I have been getting up very early all summer long. It is 
so cool and fresh in the morning. The views have been breath taking. I feel like someone has reached out with a huge eraser and wiped off yesterday. It is as if today is the only day there is. Such a strange feeling.

The Mountains in the morning are so incredible. They have mists and fog. Moments of sunshine streaking through and this beautiful blue aura everywhere. Very mystical.

I love to get up, grab a tea and my camera and take off. Sometimes to the river or the parkway, other times 
wherever the mist leads me. Then home for a bite to eat 
and work outside before the heat sets in. My yard is beginning to take shape. Much to do to get it where I want it. Like everything, it is a slow process.

This year is the first year I have been home for any 
amount of time. I have missed my birds and wild animal friends from the beach house. Having bird feeders here is virtually impossible with the bears that haunt my neighborhood. I have put up thistle feeders as the bears 
do not like thistle. Most of all, I have missed my owl. After almost ten years leaving her was the hardest.

Wednesday morning I woke up very early, before dawn. I prepared my tea, took a quick shower and as I was getting dressed I heard a familiar cry. A hawk. I moved to my 
front window. There on my yard were several hawks. Lots of keening. I grabbed my camera, keys and tea and went to the driveway.

Flying from the large oak tree in my front yard across the street to my neighbors large maple were a family of hawks. Mom and Dad teaching their youngsters to fly. What a sight. As I looked up into my Oak tree I realized their nest was there. The universe has given me a family of hawks. 

I am so clueless sometimes. The rabbit leg left on my sidewalk, the entrails in my flower bed, the dead rabbit parts in my grass. I thought we must have coyotes, instead a family of hawks feeding their young. I forgot a basic rule, look up! As I listen to the hawks call each other, watch them fly from tree to tree in my yard. I thank the universe for this gift.


Trece said...

Thank you so much for this post. I ache for the mountains, especially when misty in the mornings.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I definitely understand that ache!

indybev said...

What a marvelous gift to see the hawk family. As always, I have to thank you for sharing with us!