Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Very Sad News...My Hero is Gone

On December 6th I closed on my lovely mountain house.  I went to call my Mom and Dad to share my joy and there was no answer.  I called my brother, knowing instantly something was wrong.  My brother was at the hospital with Mom and Dad.  It seems my father had fallen that morning.  He was in terrible pain so they got him to the hospital.  They were doing tests.  My sister had already scheduled a visit and was flying in that afternoon. It was time for me to clear up a few things and head East.

I arrived a few days later.  Daddy was diagnosed with Cancer. It was everywhere but the pain was coming from his spine. It was now time to keep him pain free and comfortable. At 91 this World War II fighter pilot, prisoner of war, lawyer, father, friend, singer, gardener, most wonderful husband, this man of God, was leaving us. The last week the world has stood still while we gathered to say our goodbyes and our thank you's to him.

Daddy died December 14th with his loving wife and children surrounding him.  We are now celebrating his life and all of the wonderful memories and gifts he has given us.  It has been a journey the past week or so. I do hope, dear friends, that you will keep my family in your thoughts. This is a new road for us to walk down. There is still much to do and much strength is needed. 

I wish you all the joy of the season, God has a new tenor in his choir. I wish you blessed moments with your loved ones. Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Freebies - Vintage Houses

This House reminds me of my Grandmother's house.

This house reminds me of my father's grandmother's house.

What a big bike! Love the pup!

This guy looks pretty proud of his home, family and horses.

This house looks like it was dropped in the middle of a cornfield. Love the small fence around the foundation.

This week I thought I would do some Vintage Houses for your freebies. I have house stuff on the brain. I spent most of last week signing and faxing documents to get ready for closing this week. I have been arranging moving dates, placing furniture in my mind, and getting all the utilies turned on. While trying to spend some quaility time with my Mother and Father, brother and nephews. Whew! I can not believe Christmas is three weeks away. I hope everyone enjoys these!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already?

It is hard to believe it is December already. Another year almost gone. December seems to fly by with all the little things to do, people to see, and little parties to go to. Shopping to attend to, then presents to wrap, decorating the house, etc... Makes me tired just thinking about it. Then, when everything gets is time for a New Year.

This past week I have enjoyed being home with my parents. Spending time with them is the best present I know of.  My mother and I have watched movies and TV shows we enjoy together.  We have tried several new recipes, and spent alot of time talking and laughing in the kitchen. My poor Dad is feeling stuffed from all the food. It has been great. I hate leaving, but I must.

This weekend I leave for the mountains. I close on my new house next week. It seems a bit scary that I am going to have an actual place to call all mine after all this time. This is the first home I have bought thinking about just me - not because it is close to a job, or it has certain schools near by, or it is kid friendly.  It is just light and airy, with a place for friends and family. It makes me feel good when I drive up  and even better when I walk in.  The kitchen needs work, but it is large, lots and lots of storage, my own library for all those books. 

I look forward to living in the mountains. The mountains change everyday. Thought I would share this wonderful truck I pass when I am going up the mountain.  Someone has collected a lot of old cars, this truck and some antique farm equipment.  It is always a pleasure to pass by. Love that rust - the patina. There is a story somewhere in there.

Three Hour Stew

This is one of the recipes my mother and I tried this week. It was nice after all that turkey.I just want to say it is so easy and tastes fantastic.  My mother is pure southern so she loved it on rice.  I just loved it, on rice or with out.  Serve with some yeasty rolls [you need something to wipe the bowl clean with and still appear to be a lady]. 

3 Hour Stew

2 pounds of beef cubes
1 pound of carrots cut in wedges/hunks
2 to 3 large onions cut in wedges
2 to 3 Yukon Gold potatoes cut in pieces [optional]
1 can Tomato soup
1 can water
2 bay leaves
dash or two of worcestershire sauce

Place ingredients in a large casserole dish.
Place carrots, beef, potatoes, onions in that order.
Cover and bake in a 325 degree oven for 3 hours.

Serve over rice or just in a bowl. Enjoy!

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