Friday, July 27, 2012

Along the Road...

A trio of birdhouse surrounded by ornamental grasses.

Absolutely love this mailbox stand. The old cobbler's piece holding the mail box and then the three blue transformer pieces.

Spotted this lovely along a winding road. I love that they painted the mail box with their house and barn, then stenciled the post with flowers.

Thought I would share some of the things I have been seeing along the road. Unfortunately, I have not been traveling very much this month/July. I have been unpacking, going through things, hanging pictures, making shelving, etc. I do try to get out some every couple of days, just because I need to clear my head. Soon I can think about some trips.

I do try to see my boys every week or so and a trip down to the river calms my soul. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I love the birdhouse one. The way they painted each house a different color. Very clever. The mailboxes are sweet. Now that I have a house I am hanging bird feeders, repainting my birdhouses and should probably think about personalizing my mailbox. Hmmm it might have to wait awhile.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some long overdue freebies for you...

Two beautiful sisters. Friends for life.

Wow I love the little dress. I think this is a baby boy because he has such a dark dress. I love the curlies in this chair.

What darling twins! The blanket is great.

I just want to squeeze them they look so cute.

Her lace dress is exquisite and the chair is wonderful.

I have not blogged in a few weeks. I have been way busy with house, family, and friends. I have gotten through almost half of my boxes, hung some pictures, 3 out of 4 storage units emptied, dealt with various crisis, life keeps moving on.

I really have needed a break. A break from anything. So, blogging was the one thing I knew everyone would understand if I took a break from. I have really missed everyone. I have missed your comments and checking in on your blogs. Hope all are well, having a great summer, traveling and vacationing in cool places, re nourishing yourselves. 

Here are some freebies for you. I just love these children. The love and care their mother's have given them is everywhere. From their beautiful clothes, to the way they have styled their hair, to the look in their eyes. Hope you can use them in your art or just enjoy them.

Digital Photograph - the gray barn

the gray barn

I ran across this beauty on the way to
have dinner up in the mountains with
my boys. I like to take the back roads.
They are so much more interesting.
I saw this sitting down in the back
of a little meadow. I headed right
for it. It was a big ole girl.

I love the yellow cross in the window.
I wonder what they are going to do with
it. Maybe it is something different and
just this view of it makes it a cross?
Hmmmm the "wonderings" never cease.

The other thing that I have noticed
about some of the barns up here is the
way they have the wood going in certain
ways. This barn is a good example of this.
Lot's more barn pictures to share in the
future. Hope you are all having a great

Digital Photograph - The River

The River

The river calms my mind and heart. When
the outside world gets rather crazy
or my everyday world a little over
whelming. I find myself heading
for the river.

The past few weeks it has been full of
rain and mud. It is almost a chestnut
brown in places. It is running fast
and dangerous. It is impossible to see
the rocks and boulders that lie beneath

There are days my thoughts and feelings
run like the river. Fast and quick.
Flowing as if they will never stop.
Yet,as I watch the water everything
that was bothering me flows away,
my focus comes back and a part of
me begins to sing.

Digital Photograph - Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

Bursting. Yes, this flower is bursting
with flowers. Just a few hours before
it burst forth with blooms.  Each head
is bursting with flowers.  Just the sight
of it makes me swoon.

It has been a rough week here in the
United States. Two set of sisters killed
by one of their husbands or boyfriends.
One sister pregnant, several of the
sisters mothers. Two cousins first
thought drowned now thought to be
abducted. Questions about one
of the father's and his associates.
Then, a fun night out at the movies
turns into a nightmare. 12 dead,
58 wounded, a nation in shock and

Which brings me back to flowers. Flowers
for funerals, flowers for hospital
rooms, flowers to say "I love you", 
"I am thinking of you", "I hurt
for you", "I am sorry","Thank You", 
"Congratulations". Flowers to cheer
us up, to give us hope, to remind us
that there will be beauty again.

Quote # 21 - Pray

Four Letter Words - Pray

Quote #20 - Prayer