Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bathing Beauty Freebies

She is so dressed up for the beach

So glad we do not have to dress like this anymore.

This is quite the outfit. Love the matching shoes.

Looks like she caught a wave!

Stockings and shoes, she must have gotten so hot, and the sand caught in those stockings, I shudder just thinking about it.

This week I thought a few bathing beauties were in order. I am so glad that we do not have to wear these bathing suits any more. I am not sure what was up with those shoes or are they boots? They remind me of what boxers wear on their feet now. They look most uncomfortable. I am so glad we get to wear sandals and go barefoot. I love the feeling of the sand on my feet and walking along the shore. We have come a long way baby!

Digitsl Photograph - Swollen Creek

A swollen creek filled with debris

Rain Rain Rain. It has rained almost everyday here for weeks. Some days we wake up to rain other days it rains 
on and off, then it might start in the evening and rain through the night. We have had flood watches almost everyday along with warnings of landslides in some 
mountain areas. 

The good news is that everything is growing like mad. The weather has been cool. I have gotten a lot of reading done. I like to read and cook on rainy days. They seem to go together.

Last Sunday I went exploring in between rain showers and thunderstorms. The river is huge. The little lake near me is all stirred up and the water is brown. The creeks are swollen and full of debris. The photograph above is a little creek by the house. It is usually about five feet across. Now it is closer to twenty feet or more. Quite scary.

I keep telling myself to just enjoy it. Enjoy the rain. Soon enough it will be gone. Then everyone will be scratching their heads, looking up to the sky and 
wondering when we will be getting some rain...

Quote Book #13 - Rain

After the Rain - Hydrangeas - Digital Photograph

Four Letter Words - Rain

Digital Photograph - Rain and Horses

This is one of my favorite scenes where I live. I see this lovely sight on my way to the local stores. The "backway" I call it. I love watching these horses. Today they are on the top of a ridge. On the mountain behind them it is pouring rain. In a few minutes it will be pouring rain here. I will be drenched, but happy.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Digital Photograph - The Door

The Door

The Valley - Digital Photograph

The Valley

It has been rain rain rain for days. As you can see in 
this photograph another storm is sweeping in. Storms in 
the mountains can be swift and hard. They just mow through like something on a mission. Sometimes they bring wind and hail, other times just pounding rain. Then it is gone. The creeks swell and the river rises. Right now, here in the valley, it is peaceful.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Digital Collage - Abigail - With Life Written on Her Face

Abigail with life written on her face

Cast Iron Pots - Yard Sale Finds

Four cast iron skillets and top

During my travels in Virginia I found the two large skillets with lid at a yard sale for a dollar each. The two smaller skillets I found at the Goodwill in Staunton Virginia for $5.00 and $6.00 a piece. I thought for $13.00 for 
the bunch I did really good.

They are laying on my outside work table. I
am getting ready to clean them. I sprayed
them with oven cleaner and popped them in
trash bags to sit for a few days. Then repeat the process. Later today they should be ready to clean and start the seasoning process. I guess ya'll know what I will be doing tonight or in the morning.

Some Yard Sale Finds...

A small inlaid box with a tray inside. I am thinking that one of my boys would really like this.

A very large matted print of an Eagle Owl found at a sale where a woman was cleaning out all of her Mother's things after putting her in an assisted living facility. I always find these sales to be the hardest emotionally. Yet, they often have some of the best stuff for the best prices. My print was a mere $2.00. I am thankful that MB who was with me did not claim it first. That was so nice of her.

A lovely platter, hob nail glass piece and some Singer pinking shears. The glass and shears I bought at the same place as the Owl print. They were just .50 a piece. The shears are wonderful. I almost fell over when she quoted me the price. The platter is hanging up in my bathroom with all the other red and white and flowery stuff.

A beautiful pair of brass candlesticks. These I found on the way home from visiting my Mother and Brother. I had gotten off the main road and was taking pictures. I came across a little store that sold gas, food, and was a thrift store to boot. I stopped for a drink and to stretch a bit. I love these country stores. You never know what you might find.I found a very nice man who sold the candlesticks to me for $5.00 and threw in an orange drink for free. Thank you mister! 

A lovely large wicker basket with a small silk rug underneath.I bought both of these at yard sales near my Mother's. The rug I got for a dollar the basket was three dollars. 

Thought I would share some of my yard sale finds from the last two weeks. It is amazing what you can find out there if you really look. The box I bought at goodwill last Saturday after yard sales all morning.
I think it still counts in this group, especially as I paid less than $5.00 for it.

When I yard sale I keep an open mind. I do not go looking for anything specific. If I am looking for that certain thing I ask the people holding the sale first thing if they have it. I have had mornings where they have gone in the house and come out with it.

Things I have learned shopping garage and yard sales. Always dress in layers. It is cooler in the morning. Bring something cool to drink. Plan on at least one food stop. Always bargain. I notice that a lot of people do not bother to price things. They just want it gone. Try for neighborhood sales. Park and walk when you can. Always be polite and remember to say "Thank you",someone has spent some time getting it all ready.

I like to start with a hand full of ones and a pocketful of quarters. That sort of sets the tone. Yard sales hit at the end of the day,the stuff tends to go cheaper. Thrift stores are best hit at the middle of the week when all the weekend donations are put out. Happy hunting!

Yard Sale Fabric Finds...

A beautiful hand embroidered and hand quilted quilt. I purchased this for $5.00. Some one had added a pink ruffle around three sides of the quilt. I removed the ruffle, washed the quilt and now it is Beautiful! A lot of love went into this quilt. The embroidered baskets of flowers, the embroidered butterflies. All along the borders are quilted hearts. It is just wonderful. 

A tablecloth brought home for a sister from France. The sister does not like the colors so she sells it to me at her yard sale for a dollar. Even if you did not use it as a table cloth it would be great in your car for a picnic. I do love the colors, and I will use it! 

A very large round tablecloth bought for a dollar at another yard sale. Here again I loved the material. It is very heavy upholstery fabric that someone made into a 
large table cloth. There is enough fabric here to redo a chair and an ottoman. Or maybe a small love seat. Or dining room chairs. I do not know, except the material is fantastic. This piece at the yard sale they had laid down and had sold things off of. I just asked if it was for 
sale and they said sure and I bought it. So, if you see something you like, ask. They can only say yes or no. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Botanical & Butterfly Freebie

This week with all the flowers abloom every where I go, I thought flowers and butterflies would be appropriate. These flowers serve as food for the insects in the respective prints. The butterflies serve as pollinators for the flowers or plants. I nice little arrangement for them both. Two of my favorite things. Sounds like a win win for everyone! Enjoy your week!
p.s. for the anonymous poster who was so upset about the butterfly prints I posted a way back, I own the book that these came from too, it is not copyrighted as it is over 200 years old. I found the book in the 1980's in a boot sale in London for a few pounds. 

Digital Photograph - Beautiful Day in the Mountains

Tubing on the river

It was a beautiful weekend. Lots of sun, rain in the evening, not too hot, nice company, good food. I spent most of Saturday at yard sales and thrift store shopping with a girlfriend, MB. We had a great time. We found lots of deals and steals which I will share in another post after I clean things up and take pictures. 

Thought everyone might enjoy this picture I took heading home Saturday. We hit a small traffic jam due to an accident on the bridge connecting the West side of town to Downtown and the North side of town. Up on the bridge I was able to catch the spirit of a lovely Saturday here in the mountains. I am sure the rivers were full of kayaks, rafters, and tubers. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Digital Photograph - Zinnia

I spotted this orange beauty early in the morning in my yard sale quest. I love how it is not perfect. The wear and tear just adds to it's beauty. It is always fun to check out the neighborhoods, the landscaping and all the beautiful flowers while yard saling.

Quote Book #12 - Draw

The Red Stool - Digital Photograph

The Red Stool
I saw this red stool on an acquaintance's front porch. It screamed for a photograph. I love red.

Four Letter Words - Draw

My Blue Hydrangeas - Digital Photograph

Blue with a creamy white


This year my hydrangeas are beautiful.
They are also very prolific.
I am filling vases with them all over
my house. They make everything
smell so fresh and alive. They are
so welcoming when I walk in the room.
A little bit of the outdoors inside.