Friday, July 18, 2014

Road Trip Freebies...

They look ready to conquer the world!

Remember to enjoy the simple things along the way.

Traveling alone can open up lots of opportunities.

Traveling with a friend is fun!

A family trip is always enlightening

One of the pleasure of summer is being
able to take a road trip.
The destination is not as important as the
I thought I would start anew with some road
trip freebies.
I hope each one of you finds the time to 
take a road trip, even if it is just for
a day.
Hope you enjoy!

Digital Photograph - Mountain Farm

Mountain Farm

Digital Photograph - Along the Watauga River

Along the Watuaga River

This week I was lucky enough to spend the morning with my youngest son. He took me to a couple of his favorite places near where he lives. We had so much fun. Such a beautiful day. I will share some more pictures soon.

Fitz at the Beach,,

Tolerating the world!

Wondering what this new place is and do these stripes make me look fat?
The world is new place with Fitz in it. He has filled our family with love and amazement. We are so lucky to have him. My heart is over flowing with gratitude.

Digital Photograph - Coneflowers


Four Letter Words - Want

Morning in the Mountains...

Morning in the Mountains

I have been getting up very early all summer long. It is 
so cool and fresh in the morning. The views have been breath taking. I feel like someone has reached out with a huge eraser and wiped off yesterday. It is as if today is the only day there is. Such a strange feeling.

The Mountains in the morning are so incredible. They have mists and fog. Moments of sunshine streaking through and this beautiful blue aura everywhere. Very mystical.

I love to get up, grab a tea and my camera and take off. Sometimes to the river or the parkway, other times 
wherever the mist leads me. Then home for a bite to eat 
and work outside before the heat sets in. My yard is beginning to take shape. Much to do to get it where I want it. Like everything, it is a slow process.

This year is the first year I have been home for any 
amount of time. I have missed my birds and wild animal friends from the beach house. Having bird feeders here is virtually impossible with the bears that haunt my neighborhood. I have put up thistle feeders as the bears 
do not like thistle. Most of all, I have missed my owl. After almost ten years leaving her was the hardest.

Wednesday morning I woke up very early, before dawn. I prepared my tea, took a quick shower and as I was getting dressed I heard a familiar cry. A hawk. I moved to my 
front window. There on my yard were several hawks. Lots of keening. I grabbed my camera, keys and tea and went to the driveway.

Flying from the large oak tree in my front yard across the street to my neighbors large maple were a family of hawks. Mom and Dad teaching their youngsters to fly. What a sight. As I looked up into my Oak tree I realized their nest was there. The universe has given me a family of hawks. 

I am so clueless sometimes. The rabbit leg left on my sidewalk, the entrails in my flower bed, the dead rabbit parts in my grass. I thought we must have coyotes, instead a family of hawks feeding their young. I forgot a basic rule, look up! As I listen to the hawks call each other, watch them fly from tree to tree in my yard. I thank the universe for this gift.

Quote #3 - Want

The New Guy in My Life...

We welcomed Fitz into the world in March, So much love.

James Fitzgerald Is growing like a weed!

Fitz is the sweetest child!

I am so sorry for the long delay in 
posting to my blog. It has been
months! Life has gotten very full.
The winter and spring was full of snow, 
the spring full of rain, ice, and new
beginnings. Mr. Fitz is one of those
new beginnings. We are blessed. 

Fill Your Life with Flowers - Digital Photograph

A new addition to the flower bed

It has been a long time.....

Jagged Edge

It has been a long long time. 
I hope every one has been okay. 
Life has been full of snow, ice, 
storms, flowers, new places and people. 
The list could go on and on.
I have been very good. 
Just not enough time in the day 
to do everything on my "list of things to do". 
I think I needed a break from several things, people, 
I am not sure but it feels right to be back blogging. 
So, I am here. 
I plan on being here for awhile. 
I am looking forward to hearing from all of you. 
Update me on your life, your dreams, your art. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Snow Day...

Vintage Snow Day

Digital Photograph - Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

Snow Day...

It started snowing here yesterday. The news said we were 
to have several inches of snow and very cold weather. Yikes. I immediately grabbed my new camera, some boots, and my car keys and off I went. There is a bird sanctuary here that I like to walk through. It is good exercise and the scenery is park like. I thought it would be a great place to take some snow pictures.
The bird sanctuary is covered with these walkways. It keeps you out of the nesting areas. There is also some low lying areas and small creeks that they want you to stay out of. You can see everything without disturbing it. The small creeks connect to a larger lake so there is all sorts of wildlife. A nice place to get away for a bit.

Here are a few of the residents. They look a little on the cold side. They were nestled in the farthest back creek
out of the wind. Snow was still an issue. They are quiet and have paired up quite nicely. I am hoping to see some babies in the Spring.

This is my quiet spot. The creek comes off the lake here. It is beautiful here during every season. I love the oak tree. The bench was a bit cold to sit on today. I feel 
very peaceful here.
This is standing on the edge of the lake. It is covered with snow and a thin layer of ice. Our lakes do not get as cold as the northern lakes where you can drive a car on them or walk on them. Here they are just dangerous and beautiful.  I thought I would share part of my snow day walk with you. Hope everyone is warm and safe.

Digital Photograph - Barn in Snow

Barn in Snow

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Freebies - Women with "Self"

Definitely comfortable with herself. Love her boots!

She has style!

This woman is definitely sure who she is.

This woman is not afraid to try new things.

Trying new things even if they are a bit odd or dangerous.

Standing tall even when the world as she knows it is falling apart.

Feels good about herself.

Enjoys sharing her talents with others.
Not afraid to go off on her own.

Thought I would share these beautiful, self assured women with you. Do you see yourself in any of them. I know I do. Take a minute this week and look at yourself. Realize what a strong and powerful woman you are. If you are a man realize and validate the strong and powerful women in your life. We all need to be validated, appreciated, and enjoyed. So tell a woman in your life just that. She is appreciated and loved!

Digital Photograph - The Golden Eagle Wilmington Fertilizer Door

The Golden Eagle Door

Quotes #2 - Self

Digital Photograph - The Little House

The Little House

Cute was all I could think when I 
spotted this little house.
The metal door really caught my eye.
It is from an old fertilizer sign.
Golden Eagle.
A tobacco fertilizer from the 
Wilmington Fertilizer Company.
How appropriate for the little house.
This house is not too far
from the Rabbit Hutch.
I would love to have the door.
Maybe next time I go to the beach
I will stop and see if they will let 
me buy it.

Four Letter Words - Self

Digital Photographs - The Rabbit Hutch...

The Rabbit Hutch
Driving to and from the beach I like to take a little detour through the coastal plain.
Thousands of years ago this was just a swamp.
The soil is black and cotton and tobacco are the crops. This one farm I like to go by has this great barn. It is now a huge rabbit hutch. It started out with a few black bunnies. Now they are everywhere. Lots and lots of bunnies.

The farmer lets them free range. The barn is their nesting site. They do not wander too far from the barn/hutch. There are now about over fifty of them. I think some of the locals have moved in too. It is quite a sight to behold.

A few bunnies deciding whether they should stay out or not.

It has been about two years since I first spotted my first couple of bunnies here. Now it is like a bunny farm. I have often thought that this would be fun. I do think you would have to keep them out of your vegetables and flowers. It is pretty amazing. I just thought I would share with you one of my road trip sights!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Freebies - Siblings

They are darling! Love the feather in the hat!

So cute! Their dresses are wonderful.

That little boy is adorable! Love the girls dresses. Mom was a creative sewer.

They look like twins. I have a doll like that.

Another set of Fraternal twins? Twins were rare then because of all the complications. These two look very loved!

I am sending these out to all of you. My first freebies of the year. Siblings are important parts of our lives. They have taught us how to deal with all sorts of things. They have been our friends and often taught us how to deal with life's challenges. I love my siblings. I have been blessed with both a brother and a sister. I know I can always depend on them. They have my back. If you have a sibling or two reach out to them. Start the New Year on good terms, plan some time together. Have a reunion. Cook some food you like from your childhood. Share a book or a movie...Remember when...

Digital Photograph - The Blue Door

The Blue Door

I love Blue Doors. They really speak to me. I found this along the river one cold day.
Doors can mean so much. The beginning and end. A portal to something wonderful. It can go on and on.

I also want to say if you left a comment last month and I did not respond. I am sorry I had about two weeks I was without a computer. A few things of importance were deleted or put somewhere in cyberspace that I have not been able to locate. Yet. So please do not think I was being rude. I love your comments and most of all I love talking with ya'll. So, please forgive!!!

Digital Photograph - The Rainbow

The Rainbow