Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Fairy Freebies...



A bumble bee fairy!

A god mother fairy!
Butterfly fairies!

A magical fairy!

A star fairy!

A cute little fairy!

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe evening. Thought I would share a few fairies with you. I love all of these costumes. They are so clever. What are you dressing up as tonight?

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall - Digital Photograph

Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall

Isn't this beautiful? My world has been full of Orange, Red, and Brown. It has been a glorious month. My sister 
was here for a bit, we packed in a lot of wonderful things, then my cousin was here. I have been busy. Apple picking, boiling peanuts, many trips to the farmer's market. More trips to the cider mill for cider and donuts. Apples everywhere. Lots of photograph's to share in the next few days. Now to celebrate Halloween. 

A Merry Halloween!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Digitally Altered Photograph - A Walk in the Woods

I am trying to get up early before the mist has burned off every morning. A walk in the woods or by the lake have been inspiring my day. My sister is here for a long weekend. We are exploring. Hope you all have a great weekend. Do something new!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Freebies - Boys

A boy and his dog.
This is one serious kid.
Adorable! He looks like a dreamer.
Love the curls. 
He is a looker. The trike is all wood!
All dressed up in his sailor suit!
Love his outfit and his little dog toy.

I am missing my boys today. I thought I would share some of these old cabinet cards of little boys. These boys are obviously loved. Their clothes are fantastic. Their hair is a bit over the top. The long curls and the waves. I can not imagine any of my guys sitting still for that. It is fun though to see them though. So much personality already.
Nothing is more fun than watching them discover the world. Hug your little ones today! They grow up way too fast!

Digital Photograph - The Rusty Roof Barn

Rusty Roof Barn

Digital Photograph - Sign

I have not done a sign in a long while. I found this gem in South Carolina on the way home late one afternoon. I think it about says it all.