Thursday, October 8, 2009

Louisa May Alcott Freebies

Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott's head stone just in time for Halloween

Alcott family headstone

Louisa May Alcott was editor for a time to this magazine.

The front door to Orchard House just in case some one wants to do something cool with it.

Orchard House

I have always been rather enchanted with Louisa May Alcott. The romantic in me speaks. The large loving family of sisters. The ability to write such charming stories. To think she shared ideas and walked in the woods with Emerson makes my heart stand still. I thought I would share these images in a bigger format than a collage sheet. I hope you have fun with them.


Terri Kahrs said...

Awesome! Thank you, again! xoxo

Vicki Holdwick said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth.


Jann said...

I love Louisa May Alcott, and "Little Women" has always been a favorite of mine!

Anonymous said...

Louisa is my 4th Great Grandmother,and I love looking at her life through so many people's eyes. It's awesome. Thanks!

Sparks Fly said...

I think the comment you made about her gravestone being just in time for Halloween was very rude. She was a living person and i don't know what kind of comments your thinking of when you say that but I think that is a very very rude and mean thing to say about ANYONE who has passed away. I ask that you change it so you do not offen any more people like you did to me. P.S why is there an apple by it?

Elizabeth Golden said...

Sparks Fly if you are going to criticize someone you should leave your email address. Sort of not nice. You have taken my comment totally out of context. I realize she was a real person, that is why I made the freebie sheet. I love her writing, and honor her as a person. The apple on the grave with the dried bouquet was someone's way of honoring her. They just happen to be there at her grave when the photograph was taken. I felt it was dishonest to move them. I wish you well and sorry if I offended you. It was not intended.