Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Four Letter Words - Grow

In a lot of the yahoo groups and journaling groups everyone is picking a word of intent. My word is "grow". You can grow emotionally and spiritually. You can have relationships that grow stronger and more meaningful. You can grow into a better person. You can grow things, plants, businesses, ideas, etc... It is a word with endless possibilities and great potential. That is what I am looking for.


Shopgirl said...

I haven't found a word for me yet...I am thinking....
Great word, Mary

Bea said...

Good word. Hope you had a wonderful holiday! :)Bea

Anonymous said...

Great word choice! I wish you growing love, goodness, success, health and joy throughout the year!

Sharon said...

Hi Elizabeth,
This is a powerful word with a powerful meaning. It is particularly meaningful to me now.... endless possibilities and great potential tells the whole story!

E- send me your email again I have an off blog question to ask you.