Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Magazine Covers

Here are some Magazine cover's for your journal or art work. I can not believe it is July already. Where have the days gone?

This is one of my favorite covers for this month. How very clever to use firecrackers to spell out the letters. Harper's is one of my favorites. They always have such good graphics.

What is the Fourth without a few fireworks. When the boys were younger we planned our beach week around the Fourth just so I could take them to see all the firework shows. A nice dinner and fireworks will always bring back fond memories.

I had to include this one. I think they are after a little lizard in that bush. At least my kitties find the lizards in my plants outside. We always have a few tail less lizards running around. Again great graphics on this one.

I am hoping we get more rain in July than we did in June. Happily we had the nicest rain yesterday afternoon on into the morning. Everything feels so fresh and clean.

Isn't she a beauty? I have seen more people walking around with the coolest umbrella's to keep the sun's rays off of them this summer than ever before.

Last but not least this cute one. I am supposing that this little boy frightened her with a fire cracker. It is rather unsettling to have one land by you. One Fourth at Myrtle Beach a group of kids were throwing them out a window onto the passing crowd. One landed right by me - scared me to death. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July Weekend!!


Ophelia said...

Love the magazine covers....thanks! I agree...June went way too quickly, the days just womehow slipped away!!

aimee said...

love the covers. have a great 4th of july too.

Evil Edna said...

Thank you, the cat one is wonderful. Happy fourth of July weekend.EE