Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Few Things I Saw This Week...

A Mountain Farm

Mountain Lakes

Mountain Pastures

Here are a few of the beautiful scenes I have feasted on the past week. The farm was found in the mountains of Tennessee. I love the little creek meandering through the pasture. The mountain lakes border Tennessee and North Carolina. It is cool and quiet. Generations of families have vacationed there through the years. The mountain pasture is off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The two trees are a favorite of my older son and I. I love how they merge into one. Hope you had a good week and a better weekend!


Gail said...

Beautiful! These are pix of my home state. I so love it here!! :)

Elizabeth Golden said...

It is a beautiful state Gail! You should be proud to call this place home. Lucky you!

teri said...

As a horse lover, I've always wanted to visit Tennessee, but haven't gotten there yet. I need a destination, as I don't know anyone who lives there or is familiar with it.

Ann said...

So beautiful!!
the farm photo moves me..makes me think of family,nurturing,a closeness of people/community..but also a sense of oneness,the ability to be strong alone. I know it sounds like opposites,but I'm thinking you know what I mean!
As always,your photos bring me great joy,a sense of wonder and delight!
thank you!!

Lorraina said...

Beautiful pics as always and i hope you and your sons trees will live on forever without progress intervening.My family used to enjoy a natural phenomenal sight of two trees apart, and as you drove by, because of the terrain, the trees appeared to get ever closer together and eventually they "kissed" Now a road is there instead. They literally paved paradise to make way for a road!