Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Several people emailed me and asked me how they got cotton that was pink, green , or beige. Well they took cotton that they found that had those tinges to it and cross bred them and cross bred them till they came up with strain that grew pink or beige. Then they gave the seeds to farmers and have them grow the cotton for them. Then they are able to use the organic not dyed label on them.
It is the same if you want a deeper purple, or bluer iris. A day lily that is pink. You just keep cross breeding with the traits you want and sooner or later you get a blue iris, or pink cotton.


Janet Ghio said...

thanks for the explanation. I hope if you see some growing, you will take a photo and post it!

Anonymous said...

Great photography, fun blog to read as usual.

Ann said...

thanks for letting us know.
i think it's just fascinating!
never thought about the crossbreeding!
hope to see some pics of these colored cotton bolls!!

Patti said...

Wow, love the photo and the explanation too - I knew about dyeing cotton (of course) but hadn't thought about cross breeding - cool!
Take good care!

linda said...

Well, this doesn't have anything to do with cotton, but, Elizabeth, I wanted you to see this post. You have been an inspiration to me for a long time, and wanted to say, Thank You!