Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some Knitted Friends...

A sweet little lion with a monkey friend.

Bees and chicks, skunks and friends. Aren't they all sweet?

An Owl and rat.

At the beach I picked up a friend to ride with me.  I needed a pet. Something easy to take care of  So, Suzanne, who knitted all of these wonderful animals graciously gave me this owl.  I have a real thing for owls. I thought he could possibly give me some wise advice as I travel. Oliver now has a place of honor in the front seat.  Isn't he just the cutest? 
This all started with knitting dish towels at night. I have been trying to make a bunch for my new kitchen when I get a new kitchen. My friend Miranda said I should see all the friends Suzanne was knitting.  One a day. So, while at Miranda's Suzanne brought ove this large shopping bag of little animals. Now I want the book with the patterns so I can knit a few. I think they are all darling. Thank you Suzanne!


Ann said...

aren't they cute!! the owl is darling! such a sweet friend you have!!

Susan said...

Those are so darling. I would love one for my bed.