Friday, July 27, 2012

Along the Road...

A trio of birdhouse surrounded by ornamental grasses.

Absolutely love this mailbox stand. The old cobbler's piece holding the mail box and then the three blue transformer pieces.

Spotted this lovely along a winding road. I love that they painted the mail box with their house and barn, then stenciled the post with flowers.

Thought I would share some of the things I have been seeing along the road. Unfortunately, I have not been traveling very much this month/July. I have been unpacking, going through things, hanging pictures, making shelving, etc. I do try to get out some every couple of days, just because I need to clear my head. Soon I can think about some trips.

I do try to see my boys every week or so and a trip down to the river calms my soul. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I love the birdhouse one. The way they painted each house a different color. Very clever. The mailboxes are sweet. Now that I have a house I am hanging bird feeders, repainting my birdhouses and should probably think about personalizing my mailbox. Hmmm it might have to wait awhile.

1 comment:

Ann said...

i love your photos!!!
you share the beauty of everyday that can be missed when one doesn't take the time to look...for me,i have city streets so it's a special delight for me to get to view this through your eyes and camera!
you are enjoying "nesting" and family!!...the birdhouses show this!!