Thursday, July 26, 2012

Digital Photograph - the gray barn

the gray barn

I ran across this beauty on the way to
have dinner up in the mountains with
my boys. I like to take the back roads.
They are so much more interesting.
I saw this sitting down in the back
of a little meadow. I headed right
for it. It was a big ole girl.

I love the yellow cross in the window.
I wonder what they are going to do with
it. Maybe it is something different and
just this view of it makes it a cross?
Hmmmm the "wonderings" never cease.

The other thing that I have noticed
about some of the barns up here is the
way they have the wood going in certain
ways. This barn is a good example of this.
Lot's more barn pictures to share in the
future. Hope you are all having a great


teri said...

I love country drives. It sounds like you have beautiful scenery all around you.

Janet Ghio said...

I love your photos of old buildings!! They are always so wonderful to look at.

Immi said...

Old buildings have such stories to tell! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Golden said...

My pleasure. I am so lucky to be able to discover some of these gems. They whisper to me. I wish I knew all their stories.

Ann said...

i do love your barn photos!!!
they are all different..they speak in different ways...but the one thing they have in common is their ability to soothe..funny i know,but i feel a sense of quiet "wonderment"..maybe the thought they promote.....

Anonymous said...

it was the direction of the wood that grabbed me about this first of all - it just looks so sturdy and solid, doesn't it? You've also got me wondering about that yellow cross... great picture!