Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let me introduce you to Mr. Smudge

Yesterday I woke up and went to feed the cats. Mr. Smudge my very large male cat did not look so hot. His right eye was swollen and he was a little more vocal than usual. Off to the new vets we went. 

By the time we got to the vets his eye was looking better but Mr. Smudge or Fat Boy as we sometimes call him was still looking pitiful.[We have to take him out of the top of the cage as he is too fat to go out the door.]

Out of the cage and on the examination table we have been weighed and our temperature taken. Yes! we have lost 3 1/4 pounds, down to 21 and 3/4 pounds. No, we have a temperature. Still feeling good about the weight loss and I like the new vet.
The happy patient after the medicine in the eyes, and the oral medication administered. Diagnosis - a cold, with a little wet sounding chest. A few days of meds and we should be okay.

Mr. Smudge says pay the bill and take me home I missed breakfast. So, that is how my day started yesterday.

Before any one gets upset with me about his weight. He has always been a big cat. He had to stay with one of my sons for a year and a half where he got way too much food and not enough exercise. When I got him and the girls back Mr. Smudge went on a diet. You have to be careful with them when they lose weight. It has to be a gradual thing or they can get really sick. We are quite please with the weight loss and are working towards more.

Thought I would share Mr. Smudge with you today. We all are readjusting being back together. It was really odd not having a pet when I was traveling. Then finally getting to a point where I had unpacked enough and no one would get hurt here. Kitties like to play in and around boxes. I think every one is starting to finally feel like we have come home.


Evil Edna said...

chin itches and well wishes to mr Smudge.EE

joy said...

Mr. Smudge (love that moniker!) is such a handsome boy! Glad he will be okay and thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures of him, Elizabeth!

Janet Ghio said...

glad Mr Smudge is okay--he looks quite calm and happy!