Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Woodland Freebies




Wolverine, Beaver, Otter, and Raccoon


Here are just a few of the animals you
might see if you were out walking in the
woods. Some you might only see in the late
afternoon or early evening.


Janet Ghio said...

Love the squirrel with the little baby. I forgot that they carry their babies just like cats do.

Anonymous said... could be chipmunks eating my corn, and not the raccoons i was blaming????!!!!!! Thanks for the artistic heads up.
Hard to grow veggies in the mountains of NC. I think it has to do with all the building going on and the loss of big chunks of habitat for the native animal. Also hard to grow hosta and rhododendrons, as the deer love them for dinner and we have about 10 deer now in our neighborhood as their woods are cut down to create lawns and house places. I have to remind myself that my place was woodland when the house was built an the field stripped of its trees.

Your offerings are lovely and I can imagine them on pages of a country journal. Maybe with real pressed leaves and acorns on the cover.
Best regards
Mary in Mitchell County, NC

Elizabeth Golden said...

Yes those pesky deer. We wonder where they should go after we take their woodlands. Hostas are their very favorites along with Azaelas. The only success I have had is to use Bounce dryer sheets around the bushes and plants I did not want them to eat. Other than that you just have to remember that they were there first and enjoy their beauty.

Ann said...

these are lovely!!!
i wish we had more "nature" around us! we do have a pair of squirrrels who live in our trees..they chase each other and play! once,we had an opossum on our back fence!!..oohhh,they look mean !!!

indybev said...

Thanks for sharing these, Elizabeth. They're wonderful. My new home is in a wooded area, and we frequently see deer and squirrels...and a host of robins (who chose not to migrate, I guess) and a couple of cardinal pairs. I'm loving it all!! (I'm still stunned at the number of boxes you mentioned in your move).