Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Digital Collage - Choose Life

The background for this digital collage came
from a challenge from the blog Mind Wide Open.
She has a monthly challenge and provides 
these backgrounds. I altered a photograph of
a young Appalachian girl. She reminds me that
the world is full of hope and promise, pain
and despair all rolled into one. 

The events of the last 24 hours in Boston
have once again pointed out to the world
the evil in man's heart and the good in
his soul. People running to help, shedding
their clothes to stop the bleeding, risking
their lives to help strangers, human

We are a strong nation. We are willing to go
that extra mile for our fellow man. We feel
love, joy, peace in our hearts. Others can
not erase it with their terror and hate.
We are Americans - proud and strong. Standing
together through thick and thin. We will
survive and grow only stronger. I am so proud
that I am an American.

On a side note - I just received an email asking if I thought people in other countries would nor stop and help. Of course they would, in fact many of the people running this marathon were from other countries. I am sure that there are people in every corner of this world that would run toward the chaos to help. We have seen it happen before, all over the globe. 

Today I speak of the courage and strength of those in Boston. When something like this happens we need to find the good. It is comforting to realize that basically most people are just going about their lives trying to love and do the best for those they care about. Whether it is here in the United States or somewhere else on this planet.

We have seen a lot of tragedy/terror in the past. Tragedy/terror caused by people who do not understand or care about our way of life , who we are, and that we are Americans. Terror events are about trying to create terror and crushing our spirit. Yesterday did not accomplish that. Our spirit is strong.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think that in other countries people would turn there back and not help? Do you really think that? People are people in every country American or not people are evil and good.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Oh No Anonymous, I DO believe that people in other countries are good and would turn and help their fellow man. In fact, unfortunately we have witnessed it over and over again. You are right there are good and evil all over the world.
Today, I am addressing the people here in the United States, in Boston in particular. The scene of the latest terror attack.
In something so gruesome, and evil that we can hold out and see that there is good in this world. People thinking of other people, risking their own personal safety.
As the personal stories become public you realize it could be anybody...anywhere.

Patti said...

I love the quote by Mr. Rogers that has been floating about, how, when he was a boy and read something scary in the news his mother told him to look for the helpers. You said it brilliantly!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Elizabeth! And, I love what you did for the challenge.