Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Digital Photograph - Still Standing

Still Standing


cmoh said...

It's gorgious in all its crumbely state. Great photo!

The Glitter Tart

indybev said...

Don't you wish it could tell its story? (sigh) All the barns are falling down, and it hurts my heart.

Janet Ghio said...

Wonderful photo!

Rebeca Trevino said...

beautiful photo.
i had forgotten how much i enjoyed visiting your blog. you know how it goes, one get's busy doing what one does, and sometimes we forget to take time to do the things we enjoy doing.
anyway, i read all the way down to the day your kitty went away. and it made me cry.
i am sorry he had to go. but you did the right thing. you loved him -he love you, and then he had to go.
having pets is something, isn't it. we got our cat about 2 years ago, and after my last one died, i said "no more" then Luci (short for Lucifer) wormed his way into my heart, and yes he now runs the house and both of us, that's for sure.
hope you are well, and recovered from your jaw problems.

Halle said...

Love this one as well! The advertising on the roof is very cool.

Ann said...

but,you knew i would !!

Lille-bee said...

For me this photo and its title is very symbolic. It remainds me on some situations in life...Though we are hurt, we are still standing. Sorry, my english is very poor. Hope I could express what I mean. Greetings from Germany, Lille-bee