Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Digital Photograph - The Mountains of Tennessee

The Mountains of Tennessee

Thought I would share this photograph of the
mountains of Tennessee I captured last week.
They are so beautiful. They are the same range of 
mountains that I live in - The Blue Ridge Mountains. 
The day was perfect. The views were magnificent!


indybev said...

For over 30 years, 3 dear friends and I vacationed in the Smokies in Gatlinburg every autumn. The Smokies and the Blue Ridge mountains with their lush green and misty vistas will be forever in my heart. Two of those dear friends are now gone, which makes the memories all the sweeter. Thanks for reminding me, Elizabeth!

Ann said...

so beautiful !!!!
you live in such gorgeous,serene surroundings!!!
thank you for sharings God's beauty!!!