Monday, May 6, 2013

The Bears are Back...

Black Bear

The bears are back. They have woken up and are very hungry this Spring. There have been several "sightings" in the neighborhood. My neighbor had several bird feeders broken into and damaged. On Saturday afternoon a very large bear came to visit my back yard. Tried out my thistle feeder, pulled it way down. Decided the pickings were not that good so began to play with one of my big black rain barrels. I think he thought it was a trash can. I had not hooked it up to my gutter yet. It was just sitting upside down next to my gutter. He turned it over then when he realized it was empty he began to roll it down the hill with him on top. It was very funny. At the bottom of the hill he just shook himself off and lumbered up the hill to my neighbors. I think I will rethink my bird feeders for awhile. They are all inside now. 

Last Spring I had a large bear sleeping in the pine tree outside my front door for a few days. It looked like this when you walked out my front walkway and looked up. He was very messy and left lots of little branches and debris. I was very glad he left. I like to sit outside and look at the stars and I was not real comfortable doing that with him around.

Last Friday I got up very early and went into town to take some pictures. It was cool and foggy. As I drove along our little outer belt line I happened to notice a very large bear and a cub climbing up a tree. Right there near the downtown area. I almost wrecked the car I was so shocked. I quickly got off on the next exit and circled back. The trees were starting to leaf out and made it difficult to take a picture, but they were there. Momma bear did not like me walking around her tree. 

I did not plan to live so close to bears. I know there are bears in the mountains. We actually had a huge population of them along the Inter Coastal Waterway. I had one in my back yard at the beach. Somehow it never occurred to me that I would have them in my backyard here. I am just going to have to figure out a way that the bears and I can live happily together. They are just really big! 


Janet Ghio said...

Well, that's kind of scary-cool to see the bears, but wouldn't want them in my trees and yard. Hope you don't have any little pets that need to go outside!!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

I follow the north American bear centre they have lots of advice about bears I bet they could give you some great advice. They are super friendly too. They are at bear dot org.

Ann said...

such a gorgeous animal. Bears are magical clever,so powerful!!!
love these photos so much!!!

Lille-bee said...

I am deeply impressed from your photos and storys about the bears. Here in Germany people will panic if they would see a bear or find one sleeping in the too. :-)))In the part of Germany where I live we are exited if we see a fox or a wildgoose. ;-)