Monday, January 13, 2014

Freebies - Siblings

They are darling! Love the feather in the hat!

So cute! Their dresses are wonderful.

That little boy is adorable! Love the girls dresses. Mom was a creative sewer.

They look like twins. I have a doll like that.

Another set of Fraternal twins? Twins were rare then because of all the complications. These two look very loved!

I am sending these out to all of you. My first freebies of the year. Siblings are important parts of our lives. They have taught us how to deal with all sorts of things. They have been our friends and often taught us how to deal with life's challenges. I love my siblings. I have been blessed with both a brother and a sister. I know I can always depend on them. They have my back. If you have a sibling or two reach out to them. Start the New Year on good terms, plan some time together. Have a reunion. Cook some food you like from your childhood. Share a book or a movie...Remember when...


Robin said...

Thanks for the freebies Elizabeth. Hope your 2014 is starting off great. Have a wonderful day.


Ria A.-S. said...

Thank you so much, I love the photographs.
Have a beautiful day!


Birgit said...

What lovely freebies, Elizabeth -- thanks for sharing them! :)

PS: Have you ever considered turning of the word verification? It gets more and more of a challenge to figure out the right letters.

Sarah said...

These are precious! Thank you, Elizabeth.

May said...

Gorgeous... Thanks so much... Hugs May x x x

Barb said...

What precious photos, thanks for sharing. ♥