Sunday, January 26, 2014

Freebies - Women with "Self"

Definitely comfortable with herself. Love her boots!

She has style!

This woman is definitely sure who she is.

This woman is not afraid to try new things.

Trying new things even if they are a bit odd or dangerous.

Standing tall even when the world as she knows it is falling apart.

Feels good about herself.

Enjoys sharing her talents with others.
Not afraid to go off on her own.

Thought I would share these beautiful, self assured women with you. Do you see yourself in any of them. I know I do. Take a minute this week and look at yourself. Realize what a strong and powerful woman you are. If you are a man realize and validate the strong and powerful women in your life. We all need to be validated, appreciated, and enjoyed. So tell a woman in your life just that. She is appreciated and loved!


Janet Ghio said...

Love the 3rd woman from the top and the woman on the ostrich.

May said...

Thanks so much for sharing... They all are fantastic... Hugs May x x x

Birgit said...

Are you sure that the third woman is a woman after all? Such harsh facial features, no breasts -- and do I see an Adam's apple? Just wondering...

Elizabeth Golden said...

My pleasure May! So glad you like them. Hope you do something special with them.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Those are my two favorites, also. Great minds think alike.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I believe she is a she. No breast enhancers like we have now. Sort of rough around the edges she is. I like her attitude. Here I am world.