Monday, May 4, 2009

The Art and Life of Sophie Anderson

The Turtle Dove

Sophie Gengembre Anderson was born in 1823 in France but grew up in Britain and is considered a British painter. Her father was an architect and appreciated her talent. She was a mostly self taught artist, but did take a few lessons at the Royal Academy where she met other Pre Raphaelite painters and poets. Her genre was women and children mostly in rural settings. Her botanical work was said to be some of the best of her day.

With the 1848 revolution her family moved to the United States, living in Ohio and Pennsylvania. There she met the American painter Walter Anderson. They married and moved back to London. Walter was a portrait painter and had a definite "style". They were great friends with Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland.

I decide this week of Mother's Day that Sophie was most appropriate. Her paintings are full of hope and promise. Her women are strong yet women, her children are beautiful, yet children, worn socks and shoes and all. I love that she uses many of the people she came in contact with and their children as models. It is not the same face done over and over again. The hands in her paintings also have such life to them. I feel like they are waiting for me to be gone so they can move. I hope you will enjoy this week's selections.

Young girl fixing her hair.

A new friend.

Girl with Lilacs.
This painting hung over Lewis Carroll's fire place for years.

No walk today.

Portrait of a young girl.


Barbara said...

She's a new one for me -- thanks for pointing her out!

June said...

Thanks Elizabeth this is great. I enjoyed the background of the painter and her beautiful paintings. I think the one that Lewis carroll had is gorgeous.
Hugs June xxx

Risa said...

Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy learning new things.

BT said...

She's new to me too and it's always good to learn about new artists. Her portraits are very lifelike. I particularly like the last one of the young girl, she's approaching her prime and looks as though she's musing in the way only teens can. A lovely post.

april.centrone said...

Very beautiful!