Friday, December 20, 2013

Vintage Christmas Tree Cards...

Love the tradition behind this card.

My next door neighbors always had a white glittery tree.

Love this one.

So Pink!

This reminds me of the trees of my childhood.

Mid Century Modern.

So happy. Clever.

This is fun.

This looks hand printed. I like this one a lot.

Very contemporary. Love this one.

The past couple of years I have been picking up old Christmas cards. As I unpacked them this year I realized that I had quite a collection of just Christmas trees. I started looking everywhere and found all sorts of vintage images of trees.

They are such a symbol of Christmas. Where do you put all the presents if you do not have a tree? I love a Christmas tree. I do not think I have ever seen an ugly one, ever. They all are beautiful, no matter how humbly they are decorated.

I hope you are all done with shopping and are sitting around with some eggnog admiring your tree. I still have much to do, but am enjoying doing it. Merry Christmas to all.


Ann said...

so many of these remind me of the cards my mom sent in the 50's and 60's. i love the old retro style cards!
i bought mine in the 1st week of November..put them somewhere safe so i wouldn't loose them...they are safe,safe from me!! can't find them! needless to say,cards did not go out this year! sent some e-cards with an apology!

Nancy said...

These are such a wonderful selection of tree cards. It's nice to see a grouping of them together like this by theme. Lovely!