Friday, June 19, 2009

Last of the Father's Day Images

I love this picture. I grew up with lots of books and the newspaper on the kitchen table. Understanding the world events was always something very important in my family. When I was about the same age as this young girl I would wake up early so I could have breakfast and my Dad all to myself. Lots of important things were discussed those mornings.

Don't you just love this photo? It looks like mutual love to me. I really find this photo to be an unusual one. First there are teeth. Second it is so spontaneous. So many of the photos are so straight and rigid.

Isn't her bow wonderful? The casual way she is standing - so much attitude. She obviously is the apple of his eye. I love the gentleman's very white beard. I can see this little girl giving it a tug or two. If you click on the image and enlarge it you will see the man has a key peeking out of his vest.

I think this Father is comforting her. She looks a little scared and he has wrapped her in his arms and told her "Now now everything is fine. I am here." Isn't that what every good Father says when he comforts us?

I wanted to share these last four images with you this week. All of them are of little girls with the men in their lives. Being a little girl once - and still my Daddy's girl - these spoke to me. I hope you will enjoy them and find a place in your art for them.


daisy said...

Beautiful images. My favourite is the top one. Beautiful!

Jamie said...

Thank you sweetie!! These are awesome. We really will always be Daddy's girls won't we? Thanks for the sweet words on my blog:) Love, Jamie

lisa_crofts said...

These photos are beautiful and so different from many of the other more formal photos I usually see. Thanks for sharing them with us. Love them all but the one with teeth has got to be my favourite.

Linda Manning Findley said...

Great images ...... thanks so much for sharing .... next Father's day these will grace the cards that I make ........ Linda F