Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Freebies

I love this little girl's curls. I had curls when I was little, not natural, thanks to rolling my hair in socks or these odd spongy things. Did anyone else go through that?

Ah a lovely mermaid type card. A great Birthday greeting from the beach.

She really seems to be pondering the thought of another year gone by. Somehow she seems a bit sad to start a new year full of promise.

Now here is a little cherub filled with Birthday wishes for all.

The perfect card for a Spring Birthday. What beautiful tulips she has...

Today is my Mother's birthday! I thought I would share some birthday postcards with you in her honor. I talked with her this morning as she was getting ready for lunch with "the girls". No matter how young or old we are it is still fun to celebrate these milestones with family and friends. So ...Mom I will be home soon, we will do lunch, we will shop...I love you and Happy Birthday!


Dazie said...

these are absolutely stunning thanks for sharing!

I hope your mum has a lovely day!

Carol Mae said...

These pictures are so lovely, thanks much for sharing them. Smiles, Carol Mae

peggy gatto said...

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!
thank you for the special images!

Terri Kahrs said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mom! Love these images, and yes, I can remember my Great Aunt Agnes rolling my hair with some sort of green goop and rags to make "Shirley Temple Curls". (My hair is poker straight!) Half-way through the "rolling" process, she'd threaten me that if I squirmed one more time she'd quit and then I'd only have curls on 1/2 of my head!!!! (heh, heh, heh) I hadn't thought about that in a l-o-n-g time! Thanks for the memories and the images, Elizabeth! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Debby said...

These are so beautiful, thanks for sharing with us.

Shelly said...

Very cute!

The curl thing? My mom took me to see "Fern" one time,,her weekly hairdresser and I got a "Toni" or the equivalent! It wasn't pretty!

I also had enough hair for 3 people as a kid and tried to roll it several times and slept with the rollers in,,,,,which only produced a stiff neck and wet hair, STILL the next morning.

Then,,,in the Early 80's, I did the "Donna Summers" do,,,,took my hair dresser 3 HOURS and a step stool to roll my hair,,I kid you not!

It's much easier to care for now that I'm ummmm over 39 and don't have quite as much of it!!!


Melinda Cornish said...

these are really beautiful......