Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Shelves!

Guest Bathroom Shelves

Thought I would share my Guest Bathroom
shelves with you. My house is a mid century
brick ranch that is a well loved 52 years
old. All three bathrooms have the original
tile in them. I have two bathrooms that
mirror each other but, with different color
tile. The guest bathroom has turquoise tile
in a honeycomb shape. I have white fixtures[tub,sink, etc.]. I had the painters paint
the walls and trim white.
After several months of looking through
every magazine on the market, pinterest,
endless online searches for shelves I finally made up my mind. I had my son install these gems. Simple and sturdy.
I used my collection of aqua glass to highlight the tile. I have white towels with aqua trim. So pretty and one more thing to cross off my list!


marda said...

Love the shelves and especially the glassware. Beautiful shades of blue.

Ann said...


Lee Hynes said...

Don you just love light through colored glass, I try to de-clutter and slowly it creeps back to in front of the windows!