Thursday, June 28, 2012

Polishing, Polishing, Polishing...

Some different style serving forks. I love the one in the middle with the face. The large art nouveau style fork is also a favorite.

Every Southern home has a large collection of ice tea spoons. These are just a few of mine. I like to keep them on my oak buffet so that they are within easy reach. I picked up this tall spooner somewhere in Alabama several years ago.

These are some of my cocktail forks. Let me tell you living at the beach I think we used these almost every day. I am not sure how much use they will get here in the mountains.

This is a sterling carving set I picked up at a garage sale for a few dollars. It was almost black it was so tarnished.I new it was a nice set it just needed a little polish and love.

I have a real thing for silver. I am not quite sure why but, I like the pretty patterns and the weight of it in my hand. I have been picking up pieces of it since I was in college. I use to buy a few pieces - 5 or 6 -forks or spoons wrapped together or maybe a few knives here or there. Usually spending less than three dollars for them. Miss matched sets became sets. They all fit together nicely being around the same age. Now the pieces I find cost a bit more, but there are still deals out there. That carving set was under $5.00. It is sterling silver, the former owners just didn't want to have to bother with polishing it. I like to polish, it is relaxing. It is an instant gratification thing. So, go out and look for a few pieces to brighten up your every day life. Everytime I use my ice tea spoons I feel like a queen.
p.s. someone asked me what kind of polish I use. I like the creme polishes. I usually use Wright's but if I can not find that Walmart has one in a small white plastic jar with a blue label and a blue top called Weimans Creme Silver Polish for under $5.00 [here it is $3.57]that works like a dream.


last minute lynn said...

I love silver too. It seems to fallen out of favor which means we can find good deals. I too, love to polish silver. You can see the fruits of your labors and enjoy restoring beauty.

marda said...

I too have found myself drawn to old "silverware". Mostly I buy silverplate. I just piced up a few neat pieces at a grand antique mall on my first visit there. Sweet little demitasse spoons.. a buck each. An unusual serving spoon, sugar/creamer set. My husband's thinking.. oh no, not another collecting bing starting!!!

Ann said...

no greater delight than sterling!!!
and yes,ice tea spoons in every southern home,,even the home of a southerner transplanted to the west!!! my mom used thenm all the time..she and her mom and sister swore by these big earthenware pitchers to make the ice tea in...held up to the boiling hot water over the ice!
i can see my mom sitting and polishing the silver!!! i was lucky to inherit hers and my great aunts!

Dortesjs said...

love silver, your collection are great