Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Digital Photograph - A Stream

A Stream

My road trip with my cousin through the
Shenandoah Valley to Washington D.C. was
really fun. We started out on a warm day
and saw lots of snow and beautiful scenery.
Our visit with my Mother, brother, and
nephews was really nice. We visited, I got
my hair cut by my favorite hairdresser/Noi,
we cooked lots of good food, and 
generally did the girl's week thing.
Unfortunately, coming home was not so much
fun. My poor Smudge was still sick after
spending a week or so at the vets. He had
developed a lump over his eye. 

Time for a different vet. So almost two weeks after being diagnosed with a cold. Smudge had to have surgery, a biopsy, and fluid drained from the large bump.

Long story short he has lymphoma of the nasal and sinus cavity. We have brought him home. He looks pitiful. Thank goodness he has know idea what is going on. He is on steroids to get the lump from getting bigger and to deal with the swelling. Our fat boy has limited time with us.
His Mom/Miss Kitty and I have been crying and wailing in our own way. She knows something is not right. I am dealing with the knowledge of how sick he is. Trying to make everyone as comfortable as I can.

Adjustments are being made. Love is being handed out in large amounts. Tears are still being shed. So, this is why I have not posted in awhile. I have been dealing with things life hands out. I keep telling myself that Smudge has only known love. That something good has to come out of all of this. Right?


indybev said...

I am SO sorry, Elizabeth. May Smudge go on the wings of love when the time comes!

Jane said...

I tried to send you a note yesterday with no luck so here it is again. I am so sorry for you and Smudge. It is awful I know for both of you. I have a 13 year old dog who is beginning to fade from me so I understand the grief. But we have both been so very blessed to have such unconditional love and companionship. They are true friends. Bless you both. Jane

Anonymous said...

The hard part of loving...the ending. So sad to hear about Smudge. Thinking of you.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Thank you all for your comments and support during this difficult time. I appreciate it very much. Words can not do it justice.