Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Week's Freebies - Couples

I like the chair he is sitting in
and the way she is holding his hat.

Here is the same chair.
Look at those white socks!

I believe this was taken around
the first World War.

They both have those scary blue eyes.

They look so young!

Here are a few couple photographs for you. Since we are celebrating Valentine's Day this week they seemed appropriate. Hope everyone gets to spend Valentine's Day with someone they care about. I plan on eating a lot of Chocolate and enjoying the day.


teri said...

Perfect for Valentine's Day -- old time sweethearts!!

Janet Ghio said...

thank you so much Elizabeth! You have a great collection of photos!

peggy gatto said...

Again I thank you!!

Ann said...

have you noticed that it seems in these old photos that it's usually the men who are sitting and the women who are standing? i wonder why? maybe because men are usually taller and the photo looks better?