Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Art" a Chunky Altered Board Book

This little chunky board book is about 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches. I bought 26 of them at a yard sale for $2.00. I have altered quite a few and given away quite a few. This one I decided to use a lot of stamps and scrap paper.

I peeled the paper off on this book. Mostly because the book is small and it was easy to get the paper off. I had a few days of spraying tags and miscellaneous pieces of paper and fiber with spray inks. Some of the ink I make myself and some were purchased. I spray in a fairly deep box that I line with cheap printer paper. I change the printer paper out when I go to a new color family. The background paper in this entire book is that cheap printer paper sprayed randomly with ink.

I chose a theme - Art. Pulled out some "art" related stamps and went to work. The cover is a transparency stamped and applied to the cover with brads. I split the cover page in half, applied brads then reglued the page together. I used clothespins to hold in place till dry. While the cover was drying I assembled some embellishment and inks.

Once the cover was dry I covered all the pages with the recycled printer paper. Then I just started working. The third page is a niche that I put the torso in. The torso reminds me of a figure sketch class that you might take. The last page has one of my dirty paint brushes cut down to fit the page and glued on. My favorite part of this book was that it truly was just a whim. One of those "what should I work on?" moments. I hope you will look at the things lying around your creative space and get inspired.


sandee said...

Gorgeous book!!!

Susan said...

Your work is wonderful. I especially like your chunky books. They appear almost like sculptural units. To have twenty of them together would make a terrific installation! I also admire your generosity for sharing such nice vintage and antique images. Thanks, too, for your comments on my blog. Have you considered trading a fabric ATC (and/or postcard...if you do them!) with me at CYBER FYBER? I'm mounting an exhibition at Gallery 80808 here in Columbia, SC next January 8 - 20, 2009. There's a series of interconnected blogs with the details here:
Thanks again!

Cheeka said...

This is fantastic - love, love, love it! Hey and no fair stealing my spice rack gliter idea! Grin - great minds think alike, right?

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi elizabeth
i love coming to your blog-its warm and comfortable-
i love the colors on this book!! could i ask how you achieved them? i'm pretty new at this and i want to get bolder in my colors
thanks for sharing pic's and images for us to use
enjoy your day
p.s. there is a new atc on my blog-you might recognize the background :)