Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yard Sale Finds

Saturday was full of traffic. You can really tell when "the Season" has arrived here at the beach. Wild crazy drivers that think because they are on vacation it is okay to stop dead in the road and pull something out of their cooler. I went for my usual "biscuit and sweet tea" at a national drive through chain restaurant before starting and actually got yelled at by some man from Maine because the cashier and I chatted for a moment. I bought his food for him, figured he really needed a RAK. So that is how my Saturday morning started. Hope yours was fruitful.

I went to one estate sale. They are always sad. I bought the powder container. I love these. I got my grandmother's when she passed away. A turquoise glass one. Every time I open it I smell her. Brings back a flood of memories. Since then every once in awhile I will run across one that is just beautiful. I really like the way even the smallest of thing can have such style.

This was a lace day. I found tons of lace, sewing supplies, and ribbon. All bought for quarters. I did find two pieces of white ironstone - they belonged to the women's Mother. Along with some funky shell and mother of pearl earrings. A quarter each. These I will be taking apart and using in a mermaid swap. I also found a heavy duty metal stabler and two scrabble games for fifty cents for them both. Not a haul but a relaxing morning all in all.


pamela said...

I love the fact that you bought the food for the guy who yelled at you. What a wonderful reaction to a bad situation! I am going to think about that the next time something similar happens. Thank you for the inspiration. It is always easier to be kind to those who are kind to us. Being kind to the angry ones is harder, but even more important.

Val Foster said...

Hello. Ditto what Pamela said above. What a novel, and great idea, to return rudeness with kindness. Well, no, it's not exactly novel, but probably a rare thing indeed in today's world. Kudos to you for doing that.

Regarding your estate sale finds, they are fantastic. And you got some wonderful lace. My local book arts group here in the Denver, CO metro area will be doing a book cover for an upcoming fabric book we'll be making, and we'll be covering the cover with the more dimensional kinds of lace (the cotton kind) and appliques. Gee, wish I could've gone the estate sale you did!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a haul by my standards!

purplepaint said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Look at all those fabric trims! I have only been to two garage sales this season and they were duds, I need to get with the program! :) Marva

Linda said...

oh my gosh! that lovely pink container is exactly like the one I had when I was a little girl, it had the biggest and fluffiest powder puff I ever will remember. My little Irish gran had given it to me so I could feel like a grown up lol, it was thrown away by my mother years ago and I had long forgotten it until I saw your photo and now I have all these wonderful treasured memories back...thank you for sharing :)