Saturday, October 18, 2008

Foot Update - the boot

This is my fall fashion statement - the boot. Very space aged and extremely heavy and at times uncomfortable. The good part is that I can take it off to shower or bathe. I also can take it off when I have my foot elevated and plan not to move around at all. It has four air chambers that I blow up with this mini hand pump. This way I am not moving around inside the boot and my foot is stabilized. At first I thought I won't need the pump, then as time went by and my poor leg started to lose muscle tone, I realized why I might need to pump my boot up. The rest of me is developing muscles, though especially my upper body. It has been almost a month now so I am hoping for some bone growth when I see the doctor next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Donna said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I hope your foot is feeling better and that you're healing. Any way to alter that delightful "boot" to make it into an artist's fashion statement? I'm seeing a lot of them sported around here (southern NH) lately but there'll be more to come in ski season.

If you don't think the bone is growing fast enough, you might ask about a bone growth stimulator. Had one after some neurosurgery on my neck when things were slow to fuse and it seemed to move it along.

Good luck,