Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Ugly Duckling

In the area, in my neighborhood that is a preserved coastal swamp, we had only two baby cygnets. We have several lakes, the Intercoastal Waterway, etc.. in our neighborhood. We have several mating pairs of swans [that had many cygnets]. Each has an area or body of water they have staked out. This year we had several late nesting pairs. Each one of these only had one or two surviving cygnets. We have a lot of predators - foxes, turtles, coyotes that unfortunately take there toll. This is one of the two nearest my house.

Every morning Mom and Dad have their two cygnets sunning on the bank. Slowly, they are developing into the beautiful creatures they will become. The past two weeks their wings have started to finally grow. It won't be long before they are swans.

I think when I was a child I loved the story of the Ugly Duckling. I was so tall and thin I felt like an ugly duckling. I would always pray to stop growing. I finally did and now I love my height. I wouldn't change a thing. I think everyone has a period in their life that is like that. Maybe that is why I find these wonderful swans so interesting.

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Diane said...

That was a lovely post. I've had some of your same experiences...growing up tall & thin...referred to as a beanpole sometimes. Today, I love being tall. It just makes it easier to hide extra weight! Have a wonderful weekend!