Monday, December 1, 2008

Tag - Your It....

I spent some time today catching up on emails and posting. Guess who had been tagged over the weekend. Me. Dianne from Art Beneath the Cottonwoods had tagged me. Don't you just love the name of that blog? It really conjures up some images. Dianne is a very talented multi media artist. I love her drawings. I think stamps have made many of us lazy in the sketching department. Not so with Dianne. Please go have a visit.

The rules of tagging are as follows:
Link your blog to the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules.
Tell six quirky yet not boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
Tag five other bloggers by linking your blog to them.
Go to each person's blog and leave a comment for them telling them they have been tagged.

So here are six quirky??!! things that aren't spectacular about moi...
1. One of the art forms I collect and admire most is pottery. Probably because I can not throw a pot for the life of me.
2. I sleep with five sometimes six pillows. They are all different sizes and thicknesses. They are a total luxury.
3. I am a super organized person. Everything has its place. That gives me more time to do the things that I enjoy.
4. I like the late night - early morning the best. The time when dark fades into light. It is a whole different world then.
5. When I am alone, I like my music loud and I like to sing along with it.
6. Since I broke my foot one of the things I miss the most is walking on the beach. I can't take my boot air cast in the sand. So, the other day I went to the channel and the beach patrol stopped and asked me about me foot and did I need help. I said no I just missed the beach so they let me ride in their truck up and down the beach with my head out the window. I felt like a golden retriever.

Now to tag five other bloggers. Ummm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth

Wow, thank you for not only coming to read my blog, but tagging me! I had no idea.

Your quirky things had me smiling, especially the ride in the beach patrol buggy, like a retriever...I can see it now!

I have had these tags a few times, and I am afraid I would bore everyone silly with Six MORE things, but fear not, I will return and see what you are up to..

Thanks again for the kind tag, it is very special...


Dianne said...

I love your six things! organized, I am not...envy those who are. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my blog. It makes such a difference to know that people are enjoying my work.

The ride in the truck is such a fun near a beach must be a real blessing. Hope your foot is doing much better and you will be walking on the beach soon!