Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I am Reading

It is always interesting to see what people are reading. I try to have several things going at once in several places in the house and car. Art wise I am reading Exhibition 36 - Mixed Media Demonstrations + Explorations by Susan Tuttle. A very cool concept of having 36 artists do a project and give pretty complete explanation of how to do it. The artist are varied and the projects are great.

When I get a book like this I usually go through it by first looking through the pictures. Then I read the front couple of pages and the back of the book. I can generally tell by then if it is something I might enjoy. I ordered this sight unseen from Just because. I love it. The artist's personalities come out in the explanation's and the projects themselves are really creative. I am giving myself the present of reading several artist a day and then picking something I have read that is new to try out. It has been a lot of fun. I recommend this book.

The second thing I have been reading is a Zine. This is a Zine about Journaling. It is called Page by Page and I am reading issue 3 - inspiration for visual journals. You can find it on line here - It is published by an artist and writer - Samantha Kira Harding. It is very well done, fresh, and bigger than a magazine in size. This issue has a great profile article of Roben-Marie Smith.

Now that I am doing some serious art journaling I decided I should look into what other people have been doing. This has lots of ideas, trends, and some pertinent question about the type of journaler you are. Very informative. There is also eye candy. Lots of color pictures of journals in progress and journal pages. I liked it so much I have read it three times. For me that is a lot. So, thanks for the inspiration Kira!

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