Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feeling Pink

Traditions make you feel pink. I was talking about this with someone yesterday. She was witnessing a family member having some trouble with their young child. I suggested maybe some more positive time with the child. We talked about time well spent with children and things we had done with our children.

One of the things that was tradition in our house was a huge breakfast on Sunday's. Our house smelled like bacon and syrup from the crack of dawn. I use to make at least a hundred pancakes. I would freeze them in stacks of five for the rest of the week. With five boys you could never have too many.

As the kids grew older and could reach the counters we started to teach them to cook. We learned to count, fractions, adding and subtracting, and generally had a great time. Plus the food was great. There were times we went through a loaf or two of bread making French toast.

The mornings are simpler now that the boys are able to do for themselves. However, when all are home they want that big breakfast. Each one has a story to tell about those mornings. Those stories, the way they laugh and tease make me feel pink.

Today my pink image is this wonderful old advertisement. I hope it will inspire you to start a tradition, revive an old one, and to remember to feel pink.


Flo said...

Hi Elizabeth! I've really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I haven't visited in a while, but you've always been one of my favorite bloggers.

I usually do a cooked breakfast of some kind on Sundays, too! It's kind of a leisurely thing for our family. Sometimes bacon, eggs & pancakes. This morning, it's breakfast burritos with chorizo, eggs & potatos. Yum! They're hearty and savory - and big!

Have a great week.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Yum Flo I might have to come to your house for Sunday brunch. That sounds amazing!

Melinda Cornish said...

beautiful sentiment....I remember Sunday breakfasts with my own kids and now I have them with the two little ones....The most ordinary things can become the best treasures...and I am all for feeling pink!