Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mail and Such....

Today I started the day VERY early for me. It was barely light out and I decided to just get up and go take some pictures before the rest of the world had their coffee. When my son moved I asked him to bring in the blankets that were in my car. Low and behold when I put the freshly laundered blankets back in my car I found a whole bag of mail. Mail from December and January.
Since I broke my foot, I have had whoever is at the house or running me around get my mail for me. We don't have individual mailboxes where I live, but two large postal stations. I keep large fabric totes for them to put the mail in. Well... someone did not bring in all of the mail. This afternoon I sat down and went through most of it.
Most was uninteresting, but some of it was Holiday cards and such. Some was from art friends I have met here, who now probably think I am horrible and rude. The best part was there was some totally unexpected mail. Random acts of kindness - my favorite. So I am going to share one of those with you in the next post.
p.s. the envelope is for your art.


Aimeslee said...

Oh, no! {gasps} Doncha love kids? They sometimes get so distracted in our crazy fast world. No one is mad at you though, I'll bet big money. They probably thought it was the post office, lol.

And, since I've just begun to read you again, I didn't know you broke your foot! Oh, no again! Dang, I must have read a dozen blog entries of yours this week and you were flitting all over North Carolina, seemed like, and didn't even mention it. That's grit, woman! Wow. xoxo, aimeslee

Stephen du Toit said...

Just found your blog when hunting for ledger paper for Mary-Ann's class, and was amused to see that the stamps on that envelope were from South Africa, my country of birth. The large building on the bluish stamp is the Union Buildings in Pretoria, built to mark the uniting of four colonies into one country in 1910, and the setting for Nelson Mandela's Presidential inauguration in 1994.