Thursday, February 19, 2009

Four Letter Words - Hope

Something we all need a little of. I have been making a lot of word collages lately. The thing that surprised me the most is how many four letter inspirational words there are. I will be posting them in various frames throughout my blog in the next couple of weeks. Feel free to use them in your art.


Margaret said...

love this pic, great combination to make a great word!

mammagil said...

Hi this is fabulous thanks for letting us use your photos! I am teaching a journaling class and we will be discussing text/fonts and this would be a very good example(and inspirational!!) Thanks again for sharing this! I love your photography!!
Melissa Gilham

Laura Hegfield said...

Fun and inspiring!

Sharon said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I can't remember if I already wrote you but thanks for the suggestion about free transform to enlarge my digital collage.
I love your blog and your work! Love that you include recipes since I'm always looking for new ones.

Re Pink
One of my favorites, I showed a bunch of these to my 7th graders for a unit on landscape p[ainting and The Fauves.

I'd like to follow you blog but can't find the link.
Sharon G

Seth said...

Great thought and nice graphic!

Ariana said...

I think it's so sweet how often you say "I made this, feel free to use it in your art!" Thanks for this word in particular, I love it!