Friday, February 6, 2009

Laundry and such....

The worse thing about coming home is the laundry. Days of laundry that makes a pile on the dark and one white. I love this picture of the young girl with the large tub and wash board in her apron and hat. She looks so dressed up to do laundry. I thank my lucky stars we do not have to do laundry on a wash board or in one of those washing machines with a crank. I can actually remember my grandmother using one of those. Then hanging the laundry out to dry. She had the best smelling sheets, so fresh.

This is my pink for the day...thankful for all the modern, time saving appliances that I have. I am thanking inventors everywhere for their part in making my life easier.

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Michakewa Lady said...

Thanks for the post! We came home from our retreat to discover that one of our dearest friends and mentors died suddenly of a heart attack at 60. We are just devastated and wondering why, but trusting God. Visitation is tonight and funeral tomorrow. It really makes that "reconnecting" part that much more important. You just never know how long you have on this earth.

Love your laundry room picture - I love those old-timey ads.

I made your stroganoff recipe and passed it along to my best friend. We both LOVED it. And our families too. Thanks for sharing.