Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beware of the Ides of March

An engraving of a bust of Julius Caesar.

The murder of Caesar on March 15 44BC.

A pamphlet on Julius Caesar's life.

The play by Shakespeare about Julius Caesar was always one of my favorites. One of my favorite parts was when the muse, or witch, or sage, or soothsayer - depending on how you interpret it - come to him and tell him to "beware of March 15th". That part really sent chills up and down my spine and his wife's creepy dream of his death. I loved the way they spoke and dressed. For a small southern child it was like traveling to a new world. It was also my first visual murder. I remember hiding my face wondering how they could do that. After that, I began to devour Shakespeare. So take extra caution today, treat your loved ones with respect, eat some Italian food, do something unexpected for someone else...


June said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for your lovely comments on my freebie blog. Wow you said you had freebie images but this blog is much more than that its so interesting and beautiful. I love it. Are any images free to use or just certain ones ? I adore those maps and also all your information and fun posts
Hugs june x

June said...

Just adding a link to your wonderful blog on art freebies page :)
Hugs June xx