Friday, March 27, 2009

Paste Paper - Metallic Examples

Copper metallic paint base with second coat of translucent red, purple paste on top.

Copper metallic paint base with red acrylic paste on top.

Gold metallic paint base, various blues and purple paint paste on top.

I enjoy the look of metallic acrylic paint as a base coat. Be sure to let your base coat thoroughly dry before adding your paint and paste mixture and combing through. The top piece uses a medium comb, the middle piece uses a thick comb, and the bottom sheets are thin tiny combs.


Catherine said...

The metallic base coat has stunning results!

Kathy said...

oh...very very cool! Great papers!

June said...

Hi Elizabeth, I do like this effect its really good. I MUST have a look for these metalic bases
Hugs June x

Sharon said...

These paste papers are beautiful Elizabeth. I did this a while back it is a lot of fun. I have never tried metallics, these are really luscious.

Glad you enjoyed my vacation photos!

Laura Pace said...

Loved the paste papers you did. I think I never put down a pretty base coat first all those years ago when I did it. Makes a big difference. But looking at yours inspired me to do a fake version by just running the tools through the acrylics. What fun!Thanks for the inspiration.